Where is Matto?

Started by Graham, March 28, 2020, 11:49:48 AM

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Does anyone have any news about Matto?


Hi Graham. Thank you for asking about me. It is good to know that someone thinks about oneself. Know that I live in Queens, New York, which I hear is hit hard by this virus. So far I am fine and so is my family. It is like a disaster movie going outside and so many people are in masks and wearing gloves. I have no Mass to go to as the SSPX has cancelled our Mass and the diocese has closed all the Churches even for private prayer. I do not know if the local priests are offering confession by appointment but the normal confession hours on Saturdays and before Masses are closed.

My brother moved home with us and he brought a friend who did not want to be alone. We are eating together as a family, so overall it has been rather pleasant all things considered. Me and my brother have been taking turns cooking. We are doing our favorite recipes. So sometimes I am eating regular food and not just rice and lentils. Someone on twitter said that everyone he knew had at least one breakdown or fit because of this virus, but that has not happened to me. I am doing fine. On the day after St. Patrick's day I was very stressed out but since then I have been fine.

Lately, online I have been posting more frequently at Cathinfo than here, but even there not so much lately, but I follow both forums to keep updated on the news about the Church.

To keep myself from being stressed out, I am not watching television, thought that is not new for me, we are eating well, while still fasting for lent. But, for example, for tonight with dinner we are having dessert. I am making brownies and we are having them with ice cream. I am doing such things to help keep us sane. Sometimes I have some beer which calms my nerves when I am stressed out and helps me sleep as I was stressed out on the 18th.

Before the virus came I was in the habit of going to benediction which was rather pleasant, but that is not possible now. I miss it. Now I can only pray in my room or when out walking. But so far things are going well all things considered and I am very happy.

I bought a bunch of holy medals and some holy cards are coming in the mail, and I can't wait to have a Church to go to again so I can have the priest bless them.
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I'm glad you're well Matto. What kind of holy cards did you get, and where did you get them from? I have been wanting to get some cards with those beautiful traditional line drawings like you see in old missals, but haven't really found anything that was just right. I suppose they would be easy to make at home if one had a way to laminate them..


Quote from: Graham on March 28, 2020, 04:00:35 PM
What kind of holy cards did you get, and where did you get them from?

I am getting two shipments of holy cards. First, I sent a donation to a monastery and asked if they could send me some holy cards. They said they will send me some https://www.cenacleosb.org/ but I do not know how long it will take because the monastery is in Ireland. Then I am getting some holy cards with different pictures of Saint Gemma Galgani on them from this website http://www.stgemmagalgani.com/p/st-gemma-store.html because she is a favorite saint of mine. I expect to get those on Monday. Since I can not go to Church, I am tempted to buy holy things online.

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QuoteMatthew O'Hare Obituary

With heavy hearts, we announce the death of Matthew O'Hare (Richmond Hill, New York), who passed away on November 30, 2021 at the age of 40. Family and friends can send flowers and condolences in memory of the loved one. Leave a sympathy message to the family on the memorial page of Matthew O'Hare to pay them a last tribute.

He was loved and cherished by many people including : his brother Patrick; and his parents, Diana and Jim.

For years he never missed a Latin Mass on Sundays in the City, even during the pandemic.