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Can objects be possessed?

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This came up in a doll group that I'm a member of. Someone asked if anybody believed in haunted dolls, and someone else said that unclean spirits (her words) can become attached to things. Is this true, according to Catholic belief?

Yes, but it is called "infestation", not "possession".

To clarify, infestation is when demons are active attached to a place or thing. Possession is the demonic control over a person's body (not their soul!).

Any actual "hauntings" of places or things are demonic infestations if they truly are preternatural.

Oh wow, I didn't think it was true. Live and learn, I guess.


--- Quote from: Bernadette on June 07, 2021, 07:22:32 PM ---Oh wow, I didn't think it was true. Live and learn, I guess.

--- End quote ---

Most of the time, such things are probably "ghost stories" and not preternatural. Dolls look "alive" and can be the focus of such stories because of this.

Infestations can occur in places and objects without any such particular draw to that perception. The use of them for evil is a prime way to have this happen.

Honestly most ghosts died when reliable electric lights, appeared.


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