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Started by little flower, February 15, 2024, 08:05:38 AM

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little flower

hi again sd
by providence i found this suscipe domine forum.
im also a member of textkit (latin and greek forum).
i choose my username (little flower)because i have chosen st therese as my patron saint,and i like her spirituality of humility and absolute trust in god.
im single
my favourite books are sacred scriptures, the catechism (ccc) and the soul of the apostolate. of late i have become interested in the carmelite spirituality mainly through the excellent book 'divine intimicy'.
im irish but currently i live in aberdeen scotland.
my favoutite movies include the lives of the saints and for tv shows i usually tune into EWTN the american catholic tv station. i especially like life on the rock and shows promoting the pro life message for example the recent march for life DC.
i dont have much time to follow sports at the moment but in the past i used to follow rugby and soccer.
apart from church related activities (i prefer the sspx)i like to study latin (for almost 18 years) and praying outside my local pro abortion hospital every friday, also keeping fit with long walks.
one of my pet peeves is listening to the irrational arguments of pro abortion advocates.
one of my unusual facts is that i believe in aliens. they have visited us in the past. i believe there is fleet (over a hundred) space ships crashed around the world.the mother ship is in the red sea.
thats it for me.
looking forward to meet you all.
blest wishes.
dan (little flower).


Cheers and welcome. Curious what your arguments are for believing in aliens.
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little flower

hi melkor
im not alone in believing in should check out the mufon website (mutual ufo network). they have an interesting conference every year in the states (this year in texas i think). if you are ever in scotland i will show you round stronsay (orkney islands)there is a little space ship in the sand i believe.
with the troubles in the middle east the red sea is a dangerous place at the moment. when things settle down maybe i will take a cruise and see what i find.
its kind of hard to hide a ship the size of wembly stadium.i see the captain of the mother ship every day in the mirror.i dont know why he picked me.its not for my scientific acumen.(a diploma in applied physics and instrumentation)must be some thing to do with the faith.i have called this ship the spirit of the universe because to travel such great distances their technology must be way beyond ours.
any way please pray that god will create the providential circumstances if he wants to spread the faith beyond our little planet.pray for me also that i may fulfil his will.
see you later.
little flower.


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Perhaps he's still waiting for Scotty to beam him up.... :crazy2:
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Quote from: LausTibiChriste on February 24, 2024, 11:51:50 AMlol piss off

4/10 troll job

Troll or bot. Needs to be trained to capitalize God.
Should know that so-called "aliens" have been created by the satanic media to disguise the fact that they are actually demons.
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