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Quote from: james03 on April 13, 2024, 05:03:10 PMI'll go with 50% chance for war to break out.

Now there's a bold prediction.
The Sedevacantist Thesis / Re: Sedevacantists and Akita
Last post by Baylee - Today at 06:01:07 AM
Quote from: Bonaventure on April 13, 2024, 02:16:40 PMI agree but the information I posted would their answer, amongst others, I presume.

I'm sure they would be, but apparently not having all of the answers (mystery) is worse than claiming that true popes can teach errors to the Universal Church (an anti-Catholic statement).  
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126. Love on and in us

In the Gospels, there's a lot of information about Jesus. His presence, at the heart of our history, is particularly relevant to the history of his time. He is Jewish and he is surrounded by people who testify to his presence.

There are libraries lined up with books about him. From all that we can read about Jesus and to discern how he really is, may we ask a Person who knows him well to inform us. We want the Spirit of Truth!

Only the Holy Spirit and the Father truly know Jesus. Well, Jesus knows himself too. But how do we grasp the Holy Spirit if we do not see him? Let's ask for his Love on us and in us, and we will gradually discover the truth Jesus is.

The more we develop our relationship with Jesus, the more we will know him. Lesser we approach Jesus, lesser we will know him.

Jesus gave us the Church to help us know him better. The Church will offer us the best documents to get in touch with him. Surely, our welcoming the Church and the Trinity will be necessary.

Only the Love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit leads us to the truth about God, about us and about the people around us. It takes a daily and lifelong conversion from our heart to the Heart of God.

Let's always begin with Love to know the Trinity. If there is lack of love, it's not Jesus, it's not the Trinity.

This step of faith in the Trinity will make the road easier and we will see it develop and operate in the hearts of people.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: ... for Love, Normand Thomas
Good cover for increased rates of cancer after 3rd jab.
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Last post by Miriam_M - April 13, 2024, 10:02:17 PM
Quote from: Bernadette on April 13, 2024, 03:53:17 PMWatching the news right now. Hoping we don't have to get involved.

We are already involved.  U.S. joined the air strikes.

Separate point is that I've been stunned it took forum members so long to post anything about this.  Very late, actually.
The Coffee Pot / Re: Started Book 3
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Quote from: james03 on April 13, 2024, 02:10:43 PMwhich must be medicated with large quantities of nicotine, along with coffee and alcohol. 

Anyhow I'm writing this to motivate me.  I've posted it, so now I'm obliged to deliver.

Lemme guess; Cope LC, black coffee, and IPA. A real man's man eh James.

I bought your redpill book, it was excellent and I maybe should read it again as my new job has me making nice money but getting a bit fat. Need some motivation, just like you. (No haven't found that cutie who will cook me breakfast in high heels yet  ;D ). Anyhow, so this new book will be a must buy for me though I hafta say not really a fan of economics so I will likely never buy your finance book, but who knows.

Sidenote have you ever tried Stokers Natural? Pretty sweet dip especially for the price.
The Coffee Pot / Re: Paypal dispute
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I was on the opposite end once.  I sold a Fontanini village piece for a bargain, and the buyer emailed me saying it was damaged (a small table leg was broken and glued).  I responded - truthfully - that I fully disclosed the damage in the description, and that was why I sold it to him at the price I did.  Then he realized he didn't read the description, kept the item, and even left a good review!
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I've been a Sabaton fan for years now, nothing makes me quite as proud of my partial Polish ancestry as the Winged Hussars. Oh, and Belvedere vodka!
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stupid me
The Coffee Pot / Re: Paypal dispute
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pffft I once transferred someone 260 (CAD) for a Spyderco Manix 2 in rex 45 steel. (Have bought and sold a few knives online this way no issue). Well, this guy scammed me and despite seeming like a knife aficionado and decent member of the knife community, did not send me a knife. So at least you got your product lol.