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Here is an unusual rosary I just finished. It is unusual because I don't usually use gold plated metal, and I used jump rings for the crucifix and centre. I found in my supplies enough gold plated wire to make a single rosary, and I ordered the crucifix and centre for this purpose and I used obsidian beads.

It has:
  • Obsidian beads
  • Our Lady of Lourdes centre
  • Three nail and crown of thorns crucifix
  • Gold plated base metal parts

It is not an expensive design and it is not quite as strong as the rosary designs I usually make, but it is quite nice and has a very good look.

The photo of it is the result of autofocus and a flash and no good photography setup. If you want to see more detail, frankly, gold plated metal tends to blur things together anyway. It is on a volume of my Summa.

Shipping on it is $8 in the USA and you can value it anyway you want. I would prefer it be used for prayer.

If you are interested in others, these carnelian rosaries are still available. One has a similar crucifix on it. One can get 4 good rosaries for a very good price. These all were made using parts I had on hand, with just the parts I needed to buy to make a completely rosary out of them.
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