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General Catholic Discussion / Re: Francis issues new motu on the liturgy
« Last post by Aulef on Today at 06:53:26 AM »
Good morning.

I bring more information about Cardinal Braz de Aviz, responsible for organizing institutes (FSSP, ICKSP etc.) in regards to TLM according to TC.

Yesterday I had dinner with a colleague who knew him in the late 00s. This colleague goes to the same TLM apostolate I do, but he used to be a member of the focolare movement when he was novus ordo.

For those who don't know, focolares basically promote ecumenism. Cardinal Braz strongly supported this movement and this is why my colleague knows him. They even travelled together to Rome once. His Eminence openly supported dialogue with and supposed virtues of other cults, such as spiritism (kardecism).

Bottom line is: Dom Braz is the same type of liberal/progressive Pope Francis is.

Pray for the institutes, my Catholic brothers in Mary, that they may discern a real law from a false law and do what is best for the souls of the sheep.

The Coffee Pot / Re: Perspective of a Prolific Poster
« Last post by dymphna17 on Today at 05:50:34 AM »
Feel better? I don't know you from squat but if this is how you usually post, I can see how there would be problems. People don't ususally like being told how terrible they are and why, so a big long post about it isn't going to help the situation. Usually. I just can't see how droning on about how other's post gets you anywhere. No  one is thinking, "you know, he's right, I'm a terrrible poster and need to cut it out and become more thoughtful." Maybe a sainted person would do that but on the whole, not so much. I hope we all get it figured out and right. In a Catholic way as well as human. Look to yourself to see what you can do better, not everyone else. jmho.
The History Subforum / Re: Stalin vs the Kulaks
« Last post by dymphna17 on Today at 05:24:09 AM »
How do we keep giving the likes of this man power??? Man is so stupid, I guess we deserve it. Over and over again! Thank you for posting this reminder RSC.
General News and Discussion / Re: ZOG Rising
« Last post by diaduit on Today at 03:38:01 AM »
The pieces are being set for full assault. Anti vaxxers and anti semite TLM goers. Trad Patrick tweeted Antifa is using Cgurch Militant's talking points to target SSPX. Opus Dei in overdrive as well, it appears.

They might be on the tail of the Resistance in Ireland too.

This hag is a left wing loon who doesn't just trespass and film and screech at you, she rings your phone in the middle of the night to call you names, she harasses you no end once she gets her teeth into you.  Now the Irish ADL version are looking into her claims that Bishop Williamson made these comments about Jews behind Covid. 

Ragnarok - I was not questioning the 1/3 number of fallen angels.  I am aware that it is sourced from the sacred scriptures, and am already in agreement.  However, the rest of what you cite as Tradition is not.  And, the apocrypha are not Sacred.  There is certainly a hole in your argument "from every rank", when there are seven deadly angels/sins(for the sake of arguing) yet nine choirs of angels(most certainly).  What about the other two? 

And, the church makes use of language, but language, in this case Greek, does not "define" or even influence for that matter our understanding of the word, once the church has adopted and elevated it by it's perpetual use.  The church's understanding of sin is not to be compared to the Greeks use or understanding, in this case that sin is simply "to miss the mark".
As a result of your post, I am even more convinced of my belief/position in this regard that Lucifer was one, not a Seraphim, and that two, no Seraphim is to be counted among the ranks of the fallen.

Concerning the lowest choir of angels, God appoints to every soul a guarding angel. These angels are Good. There are no fallen guardian angels.  If the guardian angels are to be sourced from any rank, would it not seem not only at the very least wasteful, but potentially harmful to have an evil person paired with a high ranking guardian angel?  It is my opinion that the guardian angels are of the lowest choir(s).  Thomas Aquinas would agree with this.  With that said, it is my opinion that the guardian angels, who may very well constitute the entirety of the lowest choir of angels, would then theoretically render the whole of the lowest choir not fallen.  For, the lowest choir of Angel's would "serve" God, whilst the highest choir "praises" God. 

Both the lowest choir and the highest choir did not fall.  That is my belief. This is how Christ can say, as he did after he washed his disciples feet, John 15;15 - "I will not now call you servants, for the servant knoweth not what his Lord doth.  But I have called you friends because all things whatsoever I have heard of my Father, I have made known to you".  Is it not true that one can genuinely serve, without knowing what the one they serve doth?  Jesus said it. 

If the Guardian Angels, who traditionally are considered to be amongst the lowest of the angels, can serve man whether he be heading in the direction of heaven or headlong to hell, and God, whom Jesus implies they to an extent know not, how can they serve satan, who was forced to drag 1/3 of the angels with him down to earth/hell?  By the very fact that Satan used the force of his tail implies he did not drag the lowest choir of angels, who solely "serve" down to hell with him.  Hence, the lowest choir of angels is not fallen.   

Satan said, "non serviam", I will not serve".  The lowest choir of angels by their very nature as angel's who "serve" are incapable of participating in satan's rebellion.     

Next, concerning Jesus words at the washing of the feet, there are two types of societies in the world. There is the society of the "lord and the slave", and there the society of the "servant and the friend".  What is the difference between these two societies?  The difference is that "the kingdom is among us", said Jesus.  And, "the prince of this world cometh", said Jesus.  That is the difference. 

A servant is whole.  A friend is whole.  "The gates of hell shall not prevail".  A Lord on the other hand is not whole.  A Lord cannot be a Lord without Slaves.  And, a slave is not whole, because they owe a debt, that even God honors "to the last penny".  With that said, God has not forsaken the slave.  But, God has forsaken antichrist.  "In me, he hath not a thing" said Jesus.  The fallen angels only wish they could be Guardian Angels.  The fallen angels only wish they could be Seraphim.  But, they are not.   
Ask a Traditionalist / Re: How is this not a sin?
« Last post by mikemac on July 27, 2021, 11:57:10 PM »
Would you say that I committed a sin?

Yes.  Not enough effort.  But you did something, so only venial.

 :)  Well I think the rotten tomato hit the designated target.

To tell you the truth I don't think I ever confessed it.  So maybe I'll see what my priest has to say about it.
The Alps / Re: Polyglot Problems
« Last post by Christe Eleison on July 27, 2021, 10:48:27 PM »
11 Things Only Polyglots Will Understand

This looks interesting, FLEUR!
Thank you :)

God bless!

There's an SSPX Mass about an hour away from Ithaca in Binghamton, NY.

And a TLM about an hour away in another direction in Syracuse, NY.
General News and Discussion / Re: ZOG Rising
« Last post by Heinrich on July 27, 2021, 07:24:44 PM »
The pieces are being set for full assault. Anti vaxxers and anti semite TLM goers. Trad Patrick tweeted Antifa is using Cgurch Militant's talking points to target SSPX. Opus Dei in overdrive as well, it appears.
The Coffee Pot / Re: interesting purchase you made recently?
« Last post by Heinrich on July 27, 2021, 07:17:00 PM »
Husqvarna pressure washer. Very handy tool.
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