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How to ignore people on Suscipe Domine (this is very helpful)



1. Go to your Profile page, then

2. Hover cursor over "Modify Profile," and

3. Hover cursor over "Buddies/Ignore List..." to reveal the "Edit Ignore List" option.

CLICK on the "Edit Ignore List" option, the rest should be intuitive enough.

FWIW, this does not work when someone you are not ignoring quotes someone you are ignoring.


--- Quote from: Jayne on August 23, 2014, 05:42:19 AM ---I am wondering about the etiquette (for want of a better word) of putting a person on ignore.  I have seen enough people announce "I'm putting you on ignore" in ways that lack charity or foster forum drama that my tendency is to do it without saying anything at all.

On the other hand, I have also seen the view that it is rude not to tell a person that one has put him on ignore.  I don't really understand this position, but it exists.

Is there any sort of consensus on this or any guideline the admin and mods wish us to follow?

--- End quote ---

It is perfectly acceptable to place someone on ignore without telling them. If for whatever reason you think you ought to tell them, the appropriate way would be to inform them via PM. There is no reason anyone should be publicly broadcasting who they are ignoring.


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