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The Vatican is preparing a manual on how to celebrate the mass correctly
 :) :) :)

"We are preparing it; it will help to celebrate well and to participate well. I hope it will come out this year, in the summer," the cardinal told ZENIT.

Is this the NO mass? :o

'The' mass?

I'm not aware of many abuses in the mass right now.

Novus ordo services have 'abuses' I suppose. But that's kinda like saying someone with terminal cancer has a cold. You can give him some dayquil, sure...

From phone

The Vatican should consider it an absolute failure if they need to issue a document on how to say Mass.

Isn't this one of the reasons seminarians spend 7 years studying?  Can't a bit of that time be dedicated to reading simple instructions?

Irenaeus G. Saintonge:
I guess we can hope that by learning and re-discovering dignified celebration of the Mass, that our young priests especially will start turning back to our liturgical heritage which preserves that dignified celebration in the most perfect way.
That was what happened to me, sort of. As I started seeing all the little abuses and irreverences in my home novus ordo parish, first I became less and less tolerant of them, and then I began to gravitate to the traditional Mass. It was a natural progression.


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