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Good Reading List To Learn Traditional Theology

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The recent thread about Moral Theology made me wonder what a good reading list would be for learning theology and such.
I guess I could start the list with Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma in addition to the above.
wHat are some other recommendations?

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Didn't we have a good list posted a few months back? 

I need to find the top threads of this forum and start a tally/link thread. 

Any volunteers?  ;)

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Catechism of the Council of Trent

Feser's Aquinas (starts from the very basics of metaphysics and gives the cliffnotes of Thomistic Theology)
his Last Superstition does that and compares it to modern philosophical errors

Der Kaiser:
"Crossing the Threshold of hope" by Blessed John Paul II 8)

However if you are looking for something Catholic "A Summa of the Summa" a good starting point for Thomist Theology.

City of God by St Augustine
Confessions also by Augustine
The Sermons by St John Chrysostom (beware he was convinced the Jews killed Christ and had to convert so don't quote it at a New Church or you'll be called an anti-semite)


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