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Papabile Candidates for Next Conclave: Your Best Guess.

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Dear Friends, so as speculation looms about a possible Papal Resignation and New Conclave, let's have a separate thread to discuss this. I created a poll so we can all vote our choices for whom we think is most likely to become next Pope. One of the recently introduced (bad, imo) rules is that Cardinals beyond the age of 80 cannot vote or be elected. Probably introduced to eliminate the Old-Guard Conservatives or Tradition-leaning Cardinals. Anyway, here are the numbers: a 2/3rds majority is required to become Roman Pontiff, and there are about 120 Cardinal Electors, i.e. Cardinals less than 80 y.o. who vote. So around 80 is the magic number again, that is, the number of votes necessary for a Cardinal to become elected the next Pope.
"As of 6 June 2022, there are 208 cardinals, 116 of whom are cardinal electors. The most recent consistory for the creation of cardinals was held on 28 November 2020, when Pope Francis created 13 cardinals, including 9 cardinal electors.[5] On 27 August 2022, a consistory is scheduled to be held to create 20 cardinals, including 16 cardinal electors."

Taken from:

The above link also contains a complete list of all current Cardinals. Let's pray for them and for Heaven's Choice to come forth.

According to this site, "The main candidates who stand a chance of becoming the next pope are: Marc Ouellet and Óscar Rodriguez Maradiaga (America), Pietro Parolin, Christoph Schönborn and Matteo Zuppi (Europe), Robert Sarah and Peter Turkson (Africa) and Antonio Tagle (Asia)."

The names of the new Cardinals to be appointed are here: "On 29 May 2022, Pope Francis announced that 21 cardinals, including 16 cardinal electors, would be created in a consistory to be held on 27 August 2022.[6]"

Thoughts? God Bless.

Because it said "most likely" and not your favorite choice I chose Cardinal Oullet, because he was a favorite in a previous conclave.  And I voted because I wanted to see who others chose.

my "other" is Peter Turkson, but I can also see Pietro Parolin happening.


--- Quote from: Santantonio on June 20, 2022, 01:31:21 PM ---my "other" is Peter Turkson, but I can also see Pietro Parolin happening.

--- End quote ---
Great minds...I totally see Turkson.  He is part of that creepy Guardians group, right?

I don't know, but what matters most to me is the implications concerning St. Malachy, B16's resignation of the "ministry", and the fact that, if Francis is NOT the Vicar of Christ, not the Pope, but only Bishop of Rome... because that would take him off the St. Malachy list.

It means that Gloria Olivae (B16), still alive, still Pope, is followed by the last - Petrus Romanus... Peter of Rome from whom these two Cardinals are the only with the name Peter. It is mind-blowing that they are both prime candidates, the only two Peters - and the next Pope is Peter of Rome. Is it possible that Turkson would not accept while B16 lives, but Parolin would, visa versa, or both/neither ????

After reading this book review, downloaded as .pdf, I'm seeing so many puzzle-pieces fit together. Everyone should read this. Don't get put off by the somewhat silly intro, and remember it was written in 2018. What this review mentioned brought to mind what could be profound insight into the reason for B16's "resignation". You'll encounter it about 3/4 through.

It called to mind the visit B16 made to the tomb of Celestine V in 2009, where he laid down his pallium facing up on the BODY of Celestine V. Crazy ! The video is highlighted with solid commentary by Ann Barnhardt (link 2), and it all ties in perfectly with the removal of the Katechon, to bring in the End Times... which, as the first link mentions, Ratzinger specifically wrote about Tychonius in one of his earliest theological critiques - against the sins of this modern church - then - at this very same ceremony when he laid down the pallium (symbol ONLY of Bishop of Rome, not Pope) on Celestine V he also spoke of Tychonius!

Is B16 splitting the dark church from the church of light intentionally ? Is B16 going to have to die before a new Bishop of Rome ONLY is in power? Would B16 voluntarily agree somehow to die before that happens so that a true Pope is elected? Would that act itself not invalidate the new Pope? Would we have to live through an entire term for the new Bishop of Rome ONLY, a real sede-vacante, after B16 dies but the new "Pope" is in charge of the Church, and does that also mean the Last Pope is not even the next, but the ONE AFTER?


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