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For Sola Scriptura Protestants what was the purpose of the Apostles?

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Why have 12 men, the Last Supper and Pentecost if all that is needed for salvation was to read the Scriptures? How much time did Jesus spend writing new scripture or reading Holy Scripture with the Apostles?

Would seem to me that Jesus could very easily have spent 10 years from aged 20 to 30 writing down scripture Himself if that was all that was needed.

He goes out and recruits His first followers. Makes them fishers of men.  That is a hierarchy.  Fishermen are higher than fish. No attempt to make them scribes.  No time spent in Bible study with them, despite the fact that at  age 12 Jesus himself knew the law well enough to astonish the elders in the Jewish temple.

Seems he did not see this as key to teaching the Apostles. Instead he taught them moral laws and critical thinking about justice, forgiveness and the stuff the Jewish Law lacked.

How do Protestants explain this?

They can't

They go full-blown autistic when you bring it up

But for shits-n-giggles I'll go post it on a prot forum on Reddit and report back


I lol'd

Yeah, that circa 316 AD photograph must have been colorized just recently.  They didn't have color photographs in 316 AD.


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