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More BBC and EU double standards

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Luchashenko makes a humanitarian gesture and the BBC and EU hate on him,

Seems they would prefer it if more Syrians died making the more dangerous and longer sea crossing.

Trump's wall bad.  EU's wall good.

It seems really juvenile to me, kinda like how Trump threw up his hands at the border crisis and said "Fine, I'll send them to Democrat cities! That's what they want!". Meanwhile, the flow of illegal immigration gets worse and citizens suffer due to the childish games that politicians play.

I love Lukashenko.

I've obviously mentioned Russia before, but my wife and I are taking a long hard look at Belarus too.

They'll let me in with whatever papers Russia will let me in with.

There's more Catholicism.

They're pro-crypto (something I invest in).

Minsk is an equally far drive from my MILs dacha as Moscow is.

And I quite like every Belarussian I've ever met.

And I really do love Lukashenko. He's solid.

Very clean country from the videos I have seen. Minsk always looks neat as a pin.


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