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I am a study subject


For years now, I have been part of a longitudinal study of aging.  I, along with many others, periodically answer questions/ give samples so scientists can study the aging process.

Since this study population already exists, we are being asked if we wish to participate in a Covid antibody study to determine how widespread the antibodies are in older adults.  I actually wanted to get an antibody test but was hesitating because it is somewhat expensive.  Now I can get one for free. 

I think being in these studies means that I am an official random old person.   :)

An unexpected benefit I've experienced from the longitudinal study is that answering the survey questions is very spiritually and emotionally uplifting.  There are lots of questions about possible negative effects of aging.  It is a reminder that many older people suffer from loneliness, poverty, debilitating health problems, etc.  Whenever I do this, it shows me how blessed I have been and how much I have to thank God for.



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