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Eastern Orthodoxy's Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils

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Vetus Ordo:
Another excellent video from MHFM.

A devastating critique of the Eastern Orthodox's "reception theory" that does not differ, in essence, from Sola Scriptura or any other subjective methodology that robs the Church of Christ of Her divine authority to teach and govern the flock.

Eastern Orthodoxy's Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Being devils advocate here, the Papacy doesn’t resolve the issue whatsoever considering that people can’t define what’s infallible and what’s fallible, if the Pope can contradict past Popes, if the Pope can contradict Scripture, etc.

The infallible “Chair of Peter” is nowadays very amorphous

The Papacy is equally as subjective as the amorphous concept of “Tradition” - let’s not also forget the irony of this video being made by Sedevacantists who recognize Papal authority until it debatably contradicted Papal authority

You can say that “well it’s less subjective considering that we can recognize councils” - ignoring the fact that many Catholics here don’t recognize Vatican II, it doesn’t mean much when the theological authority is still ambiguous.

Good luck explaining whether the death penalty is immoral or not, or whether adulterers May receive communion

The best way to resolve the disagreement would be a Joint Council of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Lyons II and Florence attempted such re-union Councils. A prospective Nicaea III has been planned for 2025, and there also are some efforts to commemorate 2033 in a big way by all Christian Churches together. I have hope for both gatherings. I pray Our Lord intervenes to make His Church One.

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Nice Video, Vetus. The Dimonds make a valid point, and Eastern Orthodoxy has not been able to overcome this "fatal flaw" for a long time. If Group of Bishops A and Group of Bishops B disagree, Orthodoxy has no built-in mechanism for the faithful to discern who is right. The question is more than theoretical, it is acutely practical. For Catholics, the answer is simple. The Pope and the Bishops with him are right.

Still, as Live points out, the Dimonds are SVs, and that weakens their argument. The best argument against SVism is Universal Acceptance. Since all the recent 6 Popes for 63 years have had UA, it follows that they are valid Popes, and the See of Peter hasn't been vacant for all this time. Other than that weakness, the arguments of the Dimond Brothers are generally good. I pray for Catholic-Orthodox Re-Union one day.

Still, and for some reason, as Vetus points out, MHFM makes informative videos when it comes to heterodox religions (from their perspective)

EDIT: I decided not to have active discussions with non-Catholics on this forum.


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