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interesting purchase you made recently?

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I bought this style sweeping brush in asian shop for 7.  Its only about 3 ft high but it is amazing.  I have terrible bad back and hoovering (vacuuming) window cleaning and floor sweeping are a major trigger for a bad bout.  This one hand motion sweeper gets in everywhere and has a wide sweep, it will go deep under a couch or between washing machines and dryers (you know those nooks).  Storage is easy.  I love this product but I draw the line at sweeping while carrying a child on my back though ;D

oh and my favourite thing to buy are spatulas.....they are my favourite cooking tool.

Interesting tool.

This was earlier this month.

I bought a modern "boombox" for listening to compact cassettes. It is the Sony CFD-S70BLK (available at Walmart, and easily found on Amazon, etc).

I have a pretty extensive collection of CDs and microgroove records as well as 78s, but I had avoided tape because I grew up with it and I view it as inferior, and the fact it is left behind technologically speaking (all the really good cassette players are out of production, old ones require extensive maintenance to get back to working order, Dolby noise reduction is no longer licensed for the format, so all new players lack it, the higher end tape materials are not supported, etc).

However, despite it never being a HiFi experience for me, there are cheap cassettes out there that I may occasionally want to listen to, such as a promo tape I had of one of my favoured artists but couldn't listen to. I bought it and picked up some cheap tapes from the local record store.

It is not the ghetto blaster of the heyday, but it is good enough and compact and inexpensive. It was designed for classroom and academic use I think, as Japan actually uses stuff like this still.

I just bought socks today.

I only bought 16, as it is a new batch and I want to test them first, but I usually don't have problems and when approved by QA, I will get another 8 for a full complement of 24.

This is interesting not because socks are interesting, but because I don't vary what I wear day to day. I get all of something at once and and don't replace them until I have to. I have no "old clothes" (or rather, I do keep a set for an emergency kit of suitable clothing of the best of the last).

My sock attrition rate has increased drastically so it is time to replace them.

I hope these new socks work out well.

I bought a quilt with the solar system embroidered on it. I wanted something different from my usual florals, and I had a discount code and free shipping. The reviews mention that it's heavy, and I'm really hoping that it is.

I bought 1/4" elastic to make doll clothes for my daughter's doll, as well as some garden pots for tomatoes.


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