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I've been checking in on this guy from time to time.  He's a very successful hacker and dark web dude.  You can't find out much about him, but it appears he is American living in a foreign country.  He does IT jobs and is paid in Monero.  He's also developing next generation internet and has successfully complete a few projects.  Interestingly he caught the US Gov probing one of his set ups, and it traced back to the Secret Service.  There's a video he did where he shows his security logs and where the attempted infiltration came from.

This guy got started doing the MGTOW Mirror project, which basically is a bunch of servers on the TOR Onion network that automatically grab videos of MGTOW commentators on Youtube and archives them. He has a public website set up which bypasses DNS using NameCoin.  There are various public servers located outside the US.  So to put it all together, suppose you follow the YouTube channel "BigDaddy".  And "BigDaddy" is insensitive and gets banned, nuking all of his videos.  You simply access the MGTOW Mirror public server with NameCoin and this gives you access to all of BigDaddy's  videos that are hidden on the Onion.  BigDaddy himself can start a new channel on say Rumble, and reupload his older videos.

Being an extreme security geek hacker, he's now onto phase 2, because the weakness in his effort is the public facing servers, even though they are located in friendly countries.  So he is setting up an entirely decentralized system.  What is  nice is that we can get this phase 2 software and set up our own Catholic aggregate node using his software.  Basically this makes shutting down access to Catholic sites virtually impossible.  Here's an update on where his is at.  He's done shorter status updates since then.  Search "Zeitgeist Eater" on Youtube.  This is the intro, next post is the plan:

First, please reply if you think you have the skillset needed to set up and maintain this kind of thing.  Plan:

1.  Set up a SubscribeStar account to pay for server rentals.  I'd contribute to it, and I'm sure other would.
2.  Since we can envision SubscribeStar getting nuked, set up a crypto wallet.  We can do this later and we'll need to pick a good crypto.  Likely we'd need someone outside the US to hold the wallet and pay for the server.  The server should probably be located in Europe.
3.  Set up the rental server to host a SimpleMachine forum and a Mastodon messaging server.
4.  Put the server on the onion.
5.  Give everyone here the Tor address.  The forum and Mastodon service would basically be sitting in hot standby waiting for Catholic sites to get nuked, including Sucipe.
6.  Creating a PDF document for everyone to either install the Dissenter browser on their machine, which comes with a TOR browser standard, or to set up a machine to run Tails, which also automatically pushes all web traffic onto the onion.

Phase 2:
Set up our own aggregate node on this dude's software and have it point to the rental Catholic server.

Long term, create an install package for something like a Symology file server that everyone can buy and plug into their home network and create a decentralized network.

I can help fund this, at least the first part.  Is there any LInux server side people out there who would be willing to maintain this?  Likely it will sit in hot standby for a few years, but it is good insurance.

Note also this guy's stuff bypasses the Chinese Firewall, so it has been proven in an actual hostile environment.


I bet Gardener could do this.  I  nominate him.

Whata ya say, G? 

That's all well and good, but what about IS Providers and Operating Systems using algos to redirect?


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