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December 21 conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter



--- Quote ---CLOSEST CONJUNCTION OF JUPITER AND SATURN, Dec 21, 2020, one hour after sunset

Jupiter and Saturn will appear so close together on December 21, 2020 that it will seem almost as though they are a single star.

According to The Planetary Society, they have not been this close in 400 years — though close is not really close. They will be 733 million kilometers (457 million miles) apart, but from Earth they will “almost appear to touch, separated by less than one-fourth the width of the Moon.”

They can be seen an hour after sunset in the southwest sky throughout the month of December, but will be at their closest on December 21.

Conjunctions like this happen every 20 years, but this is the closest they will be for another 60 years.

NASA and the Planetary Society website have more information.
--- End quote ---

Probably won't be able to see it where I live though. Too much light pollution, even on a clear night.


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