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IT Development and Sales roles in Toronto/Eastern Ontario, suit graduate.


Java, Agile, Documentum, SharePoint, Oracle, SOLR, REST, Spring, HTML5 customisation, financial software, regulatory reporting software, tax and compliance software.

Development experience in any of the above.  The more the better.

Working in the Kingston, Ottawa area (east of Lake Ontario).

Very little travel required and if required only to New York.  All the clients are Wall Street banks.  As a junior you would probably never need to travel.

Pay will be shitty, I am sure, (they sell outsourcing services and will pay to local conditions because they have to be cheaper to be attractive and make a margin) but work there for 2 years and you will easily get a job at a Wall Street bank or US software company selling to them for 2 to 3 times the pay.  That is your upside.

Sales would be selling of their outsourced development services.  They are pretty specialized and growing well.

They would probably look at a non-graduate if you were a coding boffin geek type with a suitable portfolio of work.

I know the CEO and have MUCHO influence.  If I recommend you they will interview you.

More information on the role.

Job is an entry level hunting/marketing job EITHER for person who is already in telemarketing or similar but wants to get into technology and software or a complete newby (straight out of school or recently out of school).  While I call it "telemarketing" there will be very little telephone based selling, maybe 5 sales follow-ups per week.  It will be email and LinkedIn based connecting and the role of the job will be to engage and get on-line meetings for the company founders to speak to people in banks.  All in English no other languages are necessary.  All targeting US regional banks.  This is not likely to change for several years.

It will all be paint by numbers at first, so need raw hunger to learn do, common sense and drive but not much else except a brain so they can understand what is being sold.  I will be training them so if they are sensitive types they should not apply.  This isn't a job for pussy cats.

Employer sells software development services to North American banks.  They are specialised and expert in their field, so this is not body-shopping and T&M work, but trying to sell their expertise (which they have in spades) to specific people in banks.  They are trying to sell solutions.  They're doubling in size each year based on word of mouth and some help I gave them to find new customers.

Salary is $40,000 Canadian dollars plus a $13,500 CAN bonus based on deliverables within your control. i.e.  The outcome of the phone meeting does not matter for your bonus, just that you secured the meeting because sooner or later some of the noes will say yes.

You are probably not a graduate unless academically lazy and got a crappy degree.  The problem with most graduates is that they think they are God's gift (when really all they are is an inexperienced worker with a qualification) and this isn't a job that needs that type of person.  Nor at $50,000 Canadian does it pay that well, yet.

I'm not against graduates, but I probably prefer someone smart who could not afford it or did not want the debt.

With or without a degree they need to be hungry, probably from a poorer background (decent work ethic) and smart.  IQ of 115 (which is usually the base standard you need to go to a university.  You will be selling to IT people so you have to have a decent grasp of what they do.

Age, 19-26, I would think.  Need to be trainable.  I am training them.  This is entry level, ground floor selling and nose to the grindstone stuff with a firm focus on numbers.

An interest in technology software development would be a plus but not necessary as long as it does not make your eyes glaze over.

Live a commutable distance from Kingston, Ontario.  It's an office job.

The company's intention is to make them a quota carrying salesperson after 24 months and hire another and another.  Currently the founders are selling but that will not scale; so this is not an idle promise.  They mean it.  The salary would then jump 50-100% and the bonus the same.  So $35k to 100k CND extra per year by 2021 is achievable.


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