Separate "Health" Sub-Forum?

Started by drummerboy, March 16, 2023, 09:09:06 AM

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  It seems to me there is alot of chatter about health topics, diet, etc, on the forum, and there is no real dedicated place to post it.  There's the coffee pot, family life, and sciences, all of which work, but don't quite fit.  Would members here like to see a dedicated sub-forum to these topics?  I suggested the merger of the "Plagues and Pestilence" sub-forum because it seems the pandemic has slowed down, and this sub-forum might be of limited use in the coming future, purely my opinion.  And post any suggested names if you like the idea.  Perhaps "The Apothecary" or "Krankenhaus" keeping with the medieval and German themes KK seems to like.  Of course, this is all informative, and at KK's discretion.
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I made the poll to show results to anyone, yet I only saw the results after I myself voted.  Possible technical glitch?
- I'll get with the times when the times are worth getting with

"I like grumpy old cusses.  Hope to live long enough to be one" - John Wayne


I see 5 votes. Looks like it does work.
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I like the idea of merging it with the Plagues one and calling it Krankenhaus.
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I'm German but don't know German so I had to look up Frankenhaus (hospital). That's an Ok name but we can let KK decide. There's an advantage to English, the standard forum language, even if not clever.  (Of course it shouldn't be called "hospital" but maybe just "health") I think a new sub forum is a good idea. Not sure if  it should be merged with plagues and pestilence... Of course there will be overlap.
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