God bless you

Started by CatholicStudyAttempt, March 14, 2023, 11:21:10 PM

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 Thanks for letting me on! I've been able to get on some christian message boards, but while I appreciate their focus on the bible I longed to see tradition and history. The catholic church is the only church, and it is the rock. How else can something last for 2000 years?
  I love history, though of course there is so much to learn, and How else can you look at 2,000 years of people, of writing, etc? BC records tend to be spuratic, and all kingdoms have proven not as lasting as the catholic faith- even Rome or Byzantium!
  SO, I love faith with tradition and history.

    SO, god bless you and thanks for letting me on. Also, I love feeling free from the madness of our world today, with critical theory and the like leading even educated people into insanity.

   Have a nice day!


 I am suspicious...
"If anyone is excommunicated it is not I, but the excommunicators." - Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
" A false church cannot have a true mission." - St. Francis De Sales
" The way is open for us to deprive councils of their authority, contradict their acts freely, and profess confidently, whatever SEEMS to be true. " - Martin Luther