Please help! Having trouble setting up new laptop.

Started by Bernadette, February 19, 2023, 03:22:47 PM

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I bought a new laptop from Amazon Warehouse and it was shipped with wifi turned off. When I try to set it up, there's no option to turn it back on. I checked in BIOS and LAN is enabled. I can't get command prompt to open so I can do anything. Please help! It's a WIndows 11 Lenovo Ideapad.
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I assume you already tried:

 >Windows Start Menu > Settings > Network & Internet > WiFi


I can't access the start menu. I"m stuck at the "Let's connect you to a network" screen of setup.
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Can you plug it into your router via a cable? 

Not directly helping you do the wifi bit, but might be a workaround?
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I switched the option from "reconnect manually" to "reconnect in one hour" and it worked.Thanks goodness, I was going crazy!
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