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Last post by Tennessean - Today at 05:34:20 AM
A condottiere or landesknecht. Maybe conquistadore. Great lover of art and women and bloodshed. So the mediocre shitbags could clutch their pearls and piss and moan how awful I was, how mean, "boo hoo!" So they could preach in their tv screeds like Yellowstone how I hurt the poor natives, and all the idiots believe and feed into my legend. So they could cry about my slaves or many lovers or whatever their democratic worldview fears most. Life itself.
General News and Discussion / Re: I Want YOU for US Army
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These enlistment goals are retarded. Nobody needs the old ways, anymore. Nobody needs tanks. Nobody needs air support.
The Geek Forum / learn to code
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I will learn to code, in c, python, whatever, but I don't know anything about coding at the moment. Where do I start? What books? No videos, please. I want to make everything from websites to 3D vidygames. What am I in for?
I think its best if we stay where we're put.
General News and Discussion / Re: Trump Indicted
Last post by Tennessean - Today at 04:53:56 AM
Quote from: AlfredtheGreat on March 31, 2023, 08:01:06 AMSee ya, Donnie.

How a serial adulterer, liar and friend of Epstein became a hero to the right I have yet to figure out.
His opponent was Hillary Clinton and his propaganda was good? How did an idiot like Obama with no history in politics become the hero of the left, beat John McCain, and cement himself as some demigod statesman, even though he is just a black Bush? Propaganda.
Family Life / Re: Married to Non-Catholic
Last post by Lynne - Today at 04:16:59 AM
Quote from: Jacafamala on March 31, 2023, 03:13:47 AMSorry to hear of your difficulties, ladies. It is a cross to bare when family members aren't Catholic. I think nearly everyone has someone in their family who has left the Faith, or never adhered to it in the first place., but when that person is the head of the household, it's especially crippling.

I married a Catholic before I found tradition. We married in the NO. He's a good man, and we pray the rosary together every night, but we go to different churches. He just never caught on to the tridentine Mass. He's okay with my going to the TLM, but he's set in his ways and doesn't want to change.

I have to accept that, because I'm the one who changed, not him.

So we have the usual recourse. Prayer, fasting, good works. Being a loving and faithful wife who submits to our husband's rightful authority in everything, but not sin. Trust that God will use this trial for our spiritual good. He uses it to cultivate certain virtues we need. 

Trust that whatever happens to our loved ones, God is completely infinitely just and merciful. We trust in Him.

Pray to Elizabeth, loving wife of Felix Leseur. Do you know her story?

Thank you for the link to that video, it's wonderful!

Yes, I too am the one who changed, not my husband, so I go to the TLM and he, as a non-practicing Catholic, sleeps late each Sunday. I have the Kindle version of the book about the Lesurs. I will finally read it.
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Last post by Normandt - Today at 03:41:25 AM

170. Leave some space for others

"Behold, this too is vanity. Here is a man who has laboured with wisdom and knowledge and skill, and to another, who has not laboured over it, he must leave his property. This also is vanity and a great misfortune.

For what profit comes to a man from all the toil and anxiety of heart with which he has laboured under the sun?" Ecclesiastes, chapter 2, verses 1 and 21 to 22

We are invited to invest ourselves with balance. Some people try to achieve everything and they are so engaged in all kinds of activities that they don't realize that they are harming their health ... even sometimes the health of others.

What are our priorities?
Can we offer more of our services to the Church, for the world?
Do we carry out activities that will bring us closer to a relationship with Jesus and help others to know him?
Or are we just looking to put on a show, to look good, occupied?

It's always easier to participate in the life of the Church than to leave the work to one or two people. It's also necessary that those who work in the Church leave some space for others.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: The Fruit that lasts, Normand Thomas
Quote from: Tennessean on Today at 02:23:16 AMSo the children of the immigrants keep the faith? Or do we need a continuous cycle of immigrants?
Let's think of it the opposite way- is it better to prevent immigrants if it means faster decline?
 You have a continuous cycle of immigrants as is, and it will help prevent the slide to atheism.
  The percent of catholic USA is about 25%, about 70% in Latin America. Immigration is a huge boon.
So the children of the immigrants keep the faith? Or do we need a continuous cycle of immigrants?
Traditional Catholic Discussion / Re: USA to perish?
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Nobody will perish.