Online Pre-recorded Advent Session Available Now!

Started by stmarysacademy, November 18, 2023, 12:39:42 PM

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Hello Everyone!

We are offering a wonderful 6 week online session on Advent designed to help families prepare for and observe the Advent season in a holy and edifying manner to prepare for Christ's birth at Christmas.
Throughout the Advent session, participants will learn:
-what Advent is
-the history of Advent
-the Church's preparation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Divine Office
-the longing and expectation of the prophets and holy people in the Old Testament who prayed and longed for the Messias as well as those events/people which showed the need for a Messias and/or foreshadowed Christ's coming
-explanation of the symbols used in Advent and at Christmas
-a little info about each week of Advent
-the saints and feasts of Advent
-different crafts, practices, and customs to help in having a holy Advent and in bringing our minds, our hearts, and our souls closer to Christ in his first and second comings
-and more...

This is a PRE-RECORDED SESSION. Being that this session is pre-recorded, you can complete it on your own time!  In addition, you can go back and access any/all videos that have become available so even if you start late you won't be missing anything!

Throughout the session we will be referring to the following Advent Calendars and Spiritual Crib Handwriting, though they are optional and not required:

If you are interested you may register here: or email us if you have questions.

May God bless you!