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Stop the Bleed
« on: March 26, 2022, 05:56:28 PM »
Something I've been doing with my nephew for a bit now is practicing trauma care related skills. We regularly practice the MARCH protocol, and applying tourniquets, and pressure dressings to all four limbs. My nephew is very receptive to all of this because it stimulates a boy's heroism and that's exactly how I sell the idea to him.

Oftentimes people don't realize that trauma care, in many cases, does not require in depth technical training and relies on very basic principles.

A good thing parents can do is take a Stop the Bleed class and then practice what they learn with their children.
If there's no classes near you or your schedule does not allow you to attend one of these classes, I'm pretty sure you can get certified by video and learning together as a family would be fun.

A few things you will need are:
Tourniquet (The CAT tourniquet is standard for adults and Westerners, but the RATS tourniquet works better on small and tiny limbs.)
Pressure Dressing (The Israeli is in general one of the best.)
Wound Packing Gauze (Go with a z-fold and preferably x-ray detectable)

Vented Chest Seal (It must be vented to allow air to escape the chest cavity.)
Hemostatic Gauze (Make sure it's z-folded gauze and NOT THE POWDER!)

If you don't care about certification, you can just watch some tutorials and learn as a family. The only things required are the trauma supplies and a partner to train with. Set aside a tourniquet and pressure dressing just for training and use them till they fall apart or break.

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