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Cardinal Burke's group is starting this novena off with three Masses starting tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Prayerful.....I might actually get to buy you a pint someday..... :cheeseheadbeer: :cheeseheadbeer: :cheeseheadbeer: :cheeseheadbeer: :cheeseheadbeer: :cheeseheadbeer:
Ask a Traditionalist / Re: Message from 3rd Secret of Fatima Miracle
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3rd Secret of Fatima - “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…"

Source 1:
Source 2 (From Vatican):

Would this not wipe out the Novus Ordo, SSPX, and all other traditional Catholic groups (except for 1 traditional Catholic group in Portugal) since the true dogma is only preserved there. I don't think the SSPX bases its positions off of any Church in Portugal. I'm not aware of any other traditional group doing the same. Could this mean that all of these churches are false and that the only true Church is in Portugal?

To me, the term; "the dogma of faith" is ambiguous, and actually makes no sense at all if we are to believe that Our Lady meant that the true faith will always be preserved only in Portugal - which is what many are led to believe it means.

Isn't the simple definition of "the dogma of faith" the same as saying "the binding doctrine of belief?"  What kind of statement is
"In Portugal, the binding doctrine of belief will always be preserved…"?

Personally, I do not know what to make of it, to me, I simply do not understand it, especially when, as far as I know, the NO is as much the rule in Portugal as it is everywhere else in the world.   

For me, I am completely content to leave it at "I do not understand it."

Forget about whether or not the true Dogma was ONLY preserved in Portugal or not. This is not important. What is important is that we can establish the fact that the true Dogma has been preserved in Portugal. That is all we really need to know. Now we can begin our search in a place where we know it exists for sure. Unless you do not want to put your Faith in a Marian Apparition. I explained why you should earlier in this thread.

First, I would need to have explained what "the dogma of the faith" is. The dogma of the Immaculate Conception I understand, the Dogma of No Salvation I understand, but the dogma of the faith? Where is this dogma defined?

Next, I listened to about the first 30 minutes of Fr. Hesse on the subject and he sums up my own personal opinion in those 30 minutes, which is basically that I do not believe the Vatican's document is authentic:

I have reviewed the first 30 minutes of the video, and have formed some opinions about what Fr. Hesse says. Please review my comments and tell me what you think. I also have a question or 2 that I would like to see if you can answer for me...

In the first part of the video, it seems he makes the claim that Our Lady prophesied that Russia will be consecrated. He then makes the point that this never happened. First of all, Our Lady never said that Russia would be consecrated for sure. She simply said, if Russia converts then this will happen…if not…then this will happen. It makes sense as to why She would specifically request Russia to convert since Russia was responsible for spreading errors and persecuting the Church. What not a better way to put a stop to this than to convert Russia? This was what Her heart desired, but she never prophesied that Russia would convert. Am I wrong in my interpretation of what this man is saying in the video?

In the video, he says that Sister Lucia could not have written the document with the message of Fatima because she did not sign it. This does not necessarily mean that she did not write it as he says. It was written in the early 1940’s when we can be positive that we were dealing with the real Sister Lucia. There was no question of her being a fraud at this time.

I don’t understand at all why he is complaining about the Angel with the flaming sword saying, “Penance, Penance, Penance”. I don’t see any problems with this claim. He questions it because he wonders why Our Lady even bothered to say this when we know how important penance is already (as if it were pointless for Her to say this). This doesn’t prove that Our Lady never said this. She may have felt the need to remind us. Who knows. Also, He wonders why it was kept a secret. The fact that it has been kept a secret has nothing to do with Sister Lucia or her claims about Fatima. It has more to do with the Vatican. They should be questioned on this…not her.

He also questions the claim that Sister Lucia decided on when the Secret should be published and released to the public. He then makes the statement that Sister Lucia would not have decided on her own when the Secret should be published. I’m sure he can prove that one right? I don’t think so. He makes a baseless claim here. He states that she was a Carmelite nun who would never have made such a decision as to when the Secret should be revealed. MY OPINION on that is that this is an extraordinary circumstance in which she could possibly make such a decision. But then he makes the point that during an interview with an Archbishop (Not sure exactly how to write his name) that she stated it was simply her intuition as to why the Secret should not be published until 1960. This is around 13:05-13:20 in the video. What I would like to know is when this interview with this Archbishop occurred. Was it during the time in which some people think someone was impersonating Sister Lucia? Then we can question “Sister Lucia’s” claim that it was her intuition that told her this.

I’m not sure about his argument about how she uses the term “corpses” (15:00-18:00 in the video). I don’t have a problem with how the Secret states,
“he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way”
If this were an error on Sister Lucia’s part, it would be a minor error, in which case I still don’t see how it disproves the Secret of Fatima. Does it have to be completely and perfectly theologically sound for it to be considered fact? Can it still be considered fact with minor errors? Should we expect that Sister Lucia be perfect in everything that she says (if she was really wrong in using the word “corpses”)? Also, in the video, he keeps referencing “corpses” without mentioning “the souls”. We are really only concerned about the souls of these corpses. Not the corpses themselves. That’s why I think that if she was wrong then it would only be a minor error. Lastly, in the video (19:30-20:10 in the video) he implies that Sister Lucia was still alive at this time. Why did he not seek an answer directly from her on this or anything else that he is questioning about Fatima? Bad on his part. He is not concerned about whether Sister Lucia is a fraud at the time this video was made. He doubts the whole 3rd Secret in the first place. He should have sought answers to his questions which he does not indicate that he did in the first 30 minutes of this video. I’m guessing he never investigated anything but I could be wrong.

In 26:20-26:50 of the video, he raises the question “why would the secret, which supposedly references the assassination of the Pope be better understood after 1960? Why would people not understand this in the 19th century?”  I’m not sure how by answering these questions might disprove Fatima. He also states in the video that the 3rd Secret mentions a Pope being assassinated and then points out how this never happened. He mentions that this is what Pope Cardinal Ratzinger revealed (not sure if you should trust this Pope and what he says in the first place) about the 3rd Secret in 1984. He then goes on to say that Cardinal Ratzinger revealed, at first, that the 3rd Secret is about the end times and is religious prophecy, but then later stated that the prophecy in the 3rd Secret had been fulfilled in the past. Yet again, do you think we should really be listening to Pope Benedict if this is the case? It seems that if what this man says is true then Pope Benedict contradicted himself about the 3rd Secret. Either that, or the man in the video is wrong about what Pope Benedict/Cardinal Ratzinger said.

All that I can say is, the 3rd secret has not been fully revealed to the public at this time. We don’t know if what Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict supposedly said is really true about how the secret mentions a Pope being assassinated. There is not enough evidence, in this case, to determine that the 3rd Secret is false like this man in the video is thinking. The man in the video tries to use what Pope Benedict says about the 3rd Secret to say that the 3rd Secret is false when he should not even trust what Pope Benedict says in the first place. When the 3rd Secret is finally revealed, we will then know for sure exactly what it says.

CONCLUSION: At this time, I do not trust Fr. Hesse and what he says.
Voris is annoying and sometimes goes too far, but what if he's really helped stop them from being practicing homosexuals?

Why are former drunks always the best people to help current drunks get sober?
History can always correct itself.

I bet there was majority support for Japanese internment camps during WW2.

And it only recently became widely known that FDR had foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack.
Yeah, when I used for watch CM vids some years ago there'd be these young men with Voris. Naïve me assumed they were his sons, rather the cult members that they are. CM have a record of industrial volume detraction against priests. The Archdiocese of Detroit won't let them use the name Catholic. Mike should use whoever knows stuff, say in the Archdiocese. Voris was bounced into confessing his sodomitical tendencies, and for this sort of thing, what works is right, within reasonable limits.

Voris is annoying and sometimes goes too far, but what if he's really helped stop them from being practicing homosexuals?  Milo Yiannopoulos is working with CM to this effort also. We are obliged to welcome those who turn their backs on sinful behaviour and repent with firm resolve. Voris's former homosexuality as a young man predates his founding of Church Militant by a mile. If Church Militant is his way of paying back and doing good works, we don't have to like it according to our tastes, but we have to admit the man has courage.
I think this effort is going to backfire on them.  Cultural Marxism is real, so people will start thinking: "Darn, maybe the nazis were right".  Drawing attention to the fact the nazis were opposing the same forces currently going berserk in the West is really stupid.


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Wikipedia has been compromised for a while.

The supposedly "open source" encyclopedia writes unsubstantiated propaganda in all its political sections, and locks editing of the article.

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Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Biden but refused to concede. He falsely claimed that there was widespread electoral fraud and attempted to overturn the results, pressuring government officials, mounting scores of unsuccessful legal challenges, and obstructing the presidential transition. On January 6, 2021, Trump urged his supporters to march to the Capitol, which hundreds then attacked, resulting in multiple deaths and interrupting the electoral vote count.

Trump is the only federal officeholder in American history to have been impeached twice. After he pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden in 2019, the House of Representatives impeached him for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in December. The Senate acquitted him of both charges in February 2020. On January 13, 2021, the House of Representatives impeached Trump a second time, for incitement of insurrection. The Senate acquitted Trump on February 13, after he had already left office. Scholars and historians rank Trump as one of the worst presidents in American history.

Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris defeated incumbent president Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence in the 2020 presidential election. Biden is the oldest president, the first to have a female vice president, the first from Delaware, and the second Catholic after John F. Kennedy. His early presidential activity centered around proposing, lobbying for, and signing into law the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to help the United States recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing recession, as well as a series of executive orders. Biden's orders addressed the pandemic and reversed several Trump administration policies, including rejoining the Paris Agreement on climate change and accepting new applications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, although a federal judge blocked the latter. Biden completed the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September 2021; during this, the Afghan government fell and the Taliban seized control, causing Biden to face criticism over the manner of withdrawal, with allegations of poor planning. Biden proposed the Build Back Better Plan, aspects of which were incorporated into the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which Biden signed into law in November 2021.
CMtv is making a big deal about whether or not Br. Martin Navarro is a monk, trying to insinuate some sort of previous financial impropriety on the part of RTF vis-à-vis fundraising schemes. All he did was provide a platform for awareness, but the fundraiser was handled by Br. Martin. Br. Martin has always been upfront, as far as I know, about the Oblates of St. Augustine's de facto status under certain provisions in Canon Law. One might as well attack Fr. Nix's status as a 'diocesan hermit' because he drives all over the place. It would be about the same level of honesty.

You realise that CATHOLICS believe a "Brother" has to be consecrated by a legitimate religious society, right?
Navarro is not, in any way, shape or form, a Brother. He's not even a legitimate Third Order Augustinian.
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