Mgr. Lefebvre sur l'Église Conciliare

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"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me."


Rough translation (google):

By cons I think that the next meeting before the next meeting or elsewhere, if they ask me this conference really is I who ask questions. It is I who interrogate, to tell them: - What church are you? How are we dealing Church - I want to know - if I deal with the Catholic Church, or if I have to deal with another church, a Counter-Church, an infringement of the Church? Or ... I sincerely believe that we are dealing with an infringement of the Church, not the Catholic Church. Why? Because, that they no longer teach the Catholic faith. They no longer defend the Catholic faith. Not only do they no longer teach the Catholic faith and no longer defend the Catholic faith, but they teach something else, they lead the church in anything other than the Catholic Church. This is not the Catholic Church. They sitting on the seat of their predecessors, these cardinals who are in congregations and all those secretaries who are in these congregations or to the Secretary of State, they are sitting where their predecessors, but they do not continue their predecessors . They no longer have the same faith, or the same doctrine, or the same morals as their predecessors. So it is no longer possible. And mainly, their biggest mistake is ecumenism. They teach ecumenism is contrary to the Catholic faith.

And I say: - What do you think of anathemas of Trent? What do you think of the anathemas of the encyclical "Fidei Autorem" on the Council of Pistoia? What do you think of the "Syllabus"? What do you think of the Encyclical "Immortale Dei" of Pope Leo XIII? What do you think of the "letter of the Furrow" by Pope Saint Pius X? With the Encyclical "Quas Primas" of Pope Pius XI, the "Mortalium Animos" just by Pope Pius XI against ecumenism, against the false ecumenism?, and so on ... Do you all this? Let me answer! They meet me they always agree with all the documents of the Popes, with all the official documents that define our faith. They are not any documents, they are not speeches or conversations private popes, these are official documents that commit the authority of the pope.

Then? ...

I think we can, we must even believe that the church is occupied. It is occupied by the Counter-Church. By the Counter-Church that we know well and fully aware that the popes and popes have condemned throughout the centuries. From now nearly four centuries, the Church continues to condemn the Counter-Church is born primarily with Protestantism, which was developed with Protestantism, which is the origin of all modern errors that destroyed all philosophy and led us into all these errors that we know and that the popes have condemned liberalism, socialism, communism, modernism, and sillonisme do I know? And we die. Popes have done everything to condemn it. And now those on the seats of those who sentenced these things are now practically agreed with liberalism and this ecumenism. Then we can not accept that.

And more things light, and we find that this program was developed in Masonic lodges - all program, all these errors have been developed in the Masonic lodges - well we realize slowly and clarification increasingly large it is simply a Masonic lodge in the Vatican. And now when we are faced with a secretary or a cardinal congregation who are sitting in the seat or in the office where there were saints cardinals, cardinals who had the faith of the Church and defending the faith of Church and who were clergymen, and although we are faced with a Freemason! So is it the same thing? So it is, they brandish the same obedience. Yes, once we were told to obey the faith, we did make the anti-modernist oath, we did make professions of faith, and all that, but now these people, what faith they ask us profess? This is no longer the same. So we always waved obedience, obedience, obedience! Ah! yes, but still ... Obedience to the Church, yes! Obedience to what the Church has always commanded, yes! Obedience to the faith of the Church, yes! But obedience to Freemasonry, no! That is, you know, that's for sure!

Recently I was given documents that appear to be quite truthful, documents showing correspondence between Bugnini and the Grand Master of Masonry throughout the liturgical reform, in which the Grand Master of Masonry request of Bugnini apply the reform of the famous Rorca the apostate priest, he had already predicted everything that would happen and had already planned everything that should be done when the Vatican would be occupied by the Masonry: - That's what you do. And so now the Grand Master of Freemasonry Bugnini asked to apply it! And the general principle must reach the "naturalizatione del Incarnatione" so désurnaturaliser the Incarnation. So we arrive at naturalism. And must apply the principles of the vernacular, the démultiplicité rites, the liturgy of the démultiplicité to make the liturgy completely confused and put all the confusion and conflicts between the different rites.

Bugnini says he is quite willing to do this, but it will take some time. It may take ten years, but in the space of ten years, he will
succeed, and with the trust of the Cardinal particularly Lercarro and even Pope Paul VI, with that confidence he has, he is guaranteed to be able to achieve its goals. appoints and all those with whom he worked in the Roman Curia, those who also have ties to Freemasonry, then he can work with them. But it will move some, it will put them in congregations in order to carry out the work. Requires that all congregations are more or less infiltrated and infiltrated by members of Masonry he calls: so and so, so and so, so and so ... It will drive it because it bothers us, is against us, then we have to put him out. It will remove the Congregation of Rites - it is - but it is not the Congregation of Rites, it is the congregation of the sacraments. He managed to remove the Congregation of the Sacraments to put everything in the Congregation of Rites, so put everything under his authority. All this, he said in the letter to the Grand Master of Masonry. So, what do you want? Obedience? Ah! no! That does not speak of obedience!

We want to obey, of course. We are the most obedient to the Church and to all that the Church has always taught, always wanted, but not to men who work in the destruction of the Church within the Church. The enemy is inside the Church. Pope Pius X had said. Announced the La Salette. Fatima announced. Everything has been announced publicly. We know that the enemy will be introduced within the Church. Well, there is! There is!

So they do not ask to stop the ordinations! Who asked to stop the ordinations? Who seek not to make good priests? Who? It is the Holy Spirit or the devil? It is clear, it is clear! Is a normal power in the Church a bishop may request to no longer good priests? Does a normal power in the Church may request a thing? Ask to delete seminars, seminars they know good? They know it, they said. They said it was good seminars. They know that the doctrine which teaches you is the true doctrine. They know, they wrote, they know perfectly well. They wrote in the report of the visitors. Visitors have said. They have an excellent report for the seminar. This is what Cardinal Garonne said to myself when he asked me to come to Rome. He said: - Yes, the report is good. We know that the seminar is good, etc.. Etc.. So why close the seminar? Just because we do not follow these guidelines Masonic ecumenism, and these new guidelines that were forged in the Masonic lodges. So we want to close the seminar. And no, this is not possible! This does not come from the Holy Spirit does not come from the Church. It is not the Church asks us to close the seminar. It is not the Church. This is not the pope as pope, who are there as they really are the successors of those who were before them, no! It is a Masonic lodge that happened to get inside the Vatican and that leads, which obviously can not feel. It is clear, that is obvious. We hinder their plan, their plan of destroying the priesthood, the mass destruction, destruction of the liturgy. Obviously.

So, is that we must obey? I believe in conscience before God, when he says: - Think conscience before God that you do ... And yes, I thought everything before God. If I'm wrong, that God gives me the light to show me that I'm wrong, but I do not think so. I truly believe that by doing what I do, ordering priests that I order, I think I serve the church. I serve the church. I would not do it if I only had a moment the thought that it could be detrimental to the good of the Church, and of course I would refrain from doing such things! This is too serious. But it is quite the opposite!

Finally, the facts are clear now, the effects of this reform and the persecution of the Church within the Church are clear to everyone, it becomes increasingly clear. Just read the Documentation catholique each time to see how misconceptions are infiltrated episcopal documents, all documents, all these theological commissions. Read one we gave at noon commissions theology. But it is full of errors, it is a false spirit, a spirit which is not at all the spirit of the Church! So this is why we do not hesitate for a moment and I hope that God will continue to bless us!
"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me."