Reconquista: it took over seven centuries

Started by Instaurare omnia, October 26, 2022, 12:51:16 PM

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Quote from: Michael Wilson on November 20, 2022, 11:10:52 AMI was speaking with a  traditionalist Catholic Spaniard outside of Mass one day, and he was bemoaning the state of his country; he said, the Moors were here for 700 years, and we have their blood in us, and there is no remedy for this.

That is a liberal myth.

Studies actually show a very low proportion of Arab blood in Iberia. The Mozarabs didn't mix with their Muslim overlords and the Christians that reconquered Spain from the North had no Arab blood in them. But if they had, it would actually undo the theory that mixed blood is an impediment to the success of Spain since, after the Reconquista, they experienced their Siglo de Oro and great cultural and religious flourishing for three centuries until the winds of the French Revolution swept through.
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Quote from: Goldfinch on October 29, 2022, 08:33:27 AM
Eventually the Mozarabs were completely absorbed by Spanish society and lost their Arabized customs, except for the Mozarabic rite which remains in use in the diocese of Toledo, if I'm not mistaken.

This is true. Even then, the rite was very nearly lost when all the missals were burned. It was only preserved by around a dozen or so elderly clerics who rewrote the text and rubrics from memory when the celebration of the Mozarabic Rite was allowed again. I'm not sure how it well it fared Vatican II, though.
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St. Photios the Great, Encyclical to the Eastern Patriarchs

CANON I: As for all persons who dare to violate the definition of the holy and great Synod convened in Nicaea in the presence of Eusebeia, the consort of the most God-beloved Emperor Constantine, concerning the holy festival of the soterial Pascha, we decree that they be excluded from Communion and be outcasts from the Church if they persist more captiously in objecting to the decisions that have been made as most fitting in regard thereto; and let these things be said with reference to laymen. But if any of the person occupying prominent positions in the Church, such as a Bishop, or a Presbyter, or a Deacon, after the adoption of this definition, should dare to insist upon having his own way, to the perversion of the laity, and to the disturbance of the church, and upon celebrating Pascha along with the Jews, the holy Synod has hence judged that person to be an alien to the Church, on the ground that he has not only become guilty of sin by himself, but has also been the cause of corruption and perversion among the multitude. Accordingly, it not only deposes such persons from the liturgy, but also those who dare to commune with them after their deposition. Moreover, those who have been deposed are to be deprived of the external honor too of which the holy Canon and God's priesthood have partaken.
The Council of Antioch 341, recieved by the Council of Chalcedon

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The Spain strategy is the only one that will work.  Where is our Catholic homeland?  You can see it slowly developing in flyover America.

The economic collapse and hard times will actually open up opportunities for those areas to strengthen and expand.  I think the Comet will settle the matter, but we have to assume it won't to be safe.

Yeah, that's where I'm headed!

But our reconquista will have to be done by changing minds, not fighting wars.  I'm already working on my part.  You may have seen my poetry posted elsewhere on this site; it's already influencing my readers in little ways, and it's getting tweeted and retweeted.

For those who haven't seen it:


>But our reconquista will have to be done by changing minds, not fighting wars.

Unfortunately true at this point. We're reaching what seems to be a cultural imitation of 1st and 2nd century Roman society. The average person considers himself an agnostic, along with the hyper propagation of many gods, which was very much the position of the average Roman of that period. Atheism is abundant, along with the school of "rational" science, which declares itself the end all of truth. The Romans of those first centuries were very much subscribing to the same ideology. Today, Christendom is losing it's position of power, and with that, it's effective ability to "reconquer" lost territories. As the church fathers, and those early disciples, converted with truth, diligence, courage, spiritualism, philosophy and knowledge, instead of converting by the sword, at this time we are also forced into this circumstance. Once again, Christendom must take to being governed instead of governing.