Willing to compensate - but really need Prayers...

Started by rowen1917, October 25, 2022, 08:26:09 AM

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Dear Suscipe Domine Traditional Catholic Forum,

I made post here recently asking for help with an electronic circuit that could help me with my health - that I was willing to compensate for.

I figured out a solution to the circuit I designed and a solution to my health problem.

What I and my family of 7 really needs is Prayers - ANY Prayers Welcome - for me to get a job as soon as possible - so that I can provide for my family - because I am currently unemployed - and had to leave/quit my recent job due to my health problem - but I left in the Best of terms.

The good news is that I found a solution to my health problem and am doing everything I can to get another job.

So - Please pray for me that I can get a Website / Software Developer position soon.

Here is a link to my Website Portfolio if you can help in any practical way for me to get an IT job.

Please Click Here - https://ROwenPortfolio.com

With great Gratitude in +JMJ,
Roger Owen

(571) 319-6094