How to spread a message?

Started by Polymath, August 20, 2022, 06:57:09 AM

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Hi all,

I'm hoping I can use some of your tech skills.  I know VBA, Python, and R, but Internet technology is outside my field.

I wish to expose a pro-family message to as many eyes as possible.  Specifically, it's a poem I wrote.  One of my online poet friends, a very talented poet herself with decades of experience, gave it all kinds of glowing compliments, but the one that led me to make this post is:

QuoteYour poem highlights the miracle and wonder of children.  It's one of those beautiful poems that just might make a difference to the way people think... it may well be responsible for a few more miracles in this increasingly barren world.

I'm getting it out there on the forums I'm part of where I think people will be receptive to the message.  But I'd like to get it in front of the eyes of as many as possible, especially young couples, and I'm hoping some of you might know how I can do so.  This is not a question of whether I can be successful with this method (I don't want us to get sidetracked debating that); this is a technical feasibility question.  How can I spread the message online as far and wide as possible, and encourage others to do the same?

I've tried social media; a few like it all right, but mostly, they ignore it or hate it.  It's only our kind that really appreciates it, it seems.

Here's the poem:

Elegy for the Child Never Conceived

His would-be parents had but days;
The procreative ship sat docked,
And with the passengers' delays,
That ship is gone, forever locked,
But if, instead, he'd been conceived
And been allowed to live and die,
His soul could one day be received
In the embrace of God Most High.

And hence it grieves my heart to see
A child-shaped space unoccupied,
Not running in the grass with glee,
Nor leaning on his mother's side,
And no one in his space in bed
To kiss goodnight while tucking in;
No smiling face, no heart well-fed,
No warm caress from hands to skin.

When weighed against one human soul,
No sacrifice too great to give
Could ever be for such a goal
That one's own child may simply live.


You are really asking about social media.  Unfortunately what you want to do takes time.  Basically you have to set up a social media account and post 1 message of value a day and stick to it so people can count on getting a daily post.  It could be one "Lives of the Saints" or something.  AFTER you establish your following then you can do stuff like posting your poetry or something.

To build following you have to spot people who already have a large following and "@" them with your post.  If one of them recognizes your post, it will generate a lot of additional followers.

I'm not on social media, but this sounds like it is best suited for Facebook.  If I were going to be on social media however, I'd join GAB because they are anti-commie and pro Christian.  But I think it limits the size of your post, so probably not suited for what you want.  Though you could post the link.

A fast growing social media platform is called "Locals".  It is now the popular one.

If all you want to do is post one poem and reach a lot of people, I don't think you will have much success.  Perhaps others know of a strategy for that.
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