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red solo cup:
Looking at a new iMac. The model is about 1200. For an extra 200.00, you get something called Gigabit Ethernet. Is it worth it? This unit is for personal use only, no business.

Get more memory than you need they are hard to upgrade.  My one runs slow and it is only a few years old.

Old ones you could change the memkry yourself.  New ones have to be unglued.

What MG 42 said. I am finding this out personally on my 2017 model.

Joining the chorus on maxing the memory as much as possible. I have a mid-2014 Macbook Pro that is still going strong (at least until software eventually makes it obsolete) because I decided to max the RAM at 16GB. I skimped a bit on the hard drive back then to afford it, but it was a worthwhile trade-off.

Whether Gigabit Ethernet is worth it depends on the speed of your internet connection. If you have a slow connection (sub-200 megabit), it's a waste of that much money, but if you have fast service or foresee the upgrade to faster service, non-Gigabit would likely be a performance bottleneck. $200 is a classic "well, that's Apple for you" outrage of a price, though, since a Gigabit card in a standard PC tower can be had for $15. But the iMacs are highly proprietary, and Apple charges through the nose for stuff like that. Unfortunately a part of the Apple ecosystem.

Also depending on your internet service and how many free USB/Thunderbolt ports you have, you could forgo the built-in Ethernet and use a Thunderbolt- or USB-C-to-gigabit adapter. It would not be as fast as the built-in card, but Apple's adapters are $30, which is significantly cheaper, and other brands are likely even cheaper.

Any necessary reason to do an iMac vs something else?


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