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You can buy everything installed at  They sell phones, small desktops, and a laptop that run PureOS.  Their computers have disabled the Intel backdoor called ME.

There is another linux phone called the pine phone.  Very stripped down.  You get a working phone and a few apps.

For desktop, look at and purchase Tails.  If you are new to Linux, purchase Mint first and install.  Use it for awhile, then go to Tails.

If you need apps, go to this guys youtube channel: and you can get an Android phone that has had Google removed.  Note you must follow his directions to load apps to stay off of google.  You won't get Facebook because that is impossible to fix.  You should be on MeWe anyway.
Here's his channel.  Good stuff.
Store: (Secure android phone, follow his directions)

Brave:  Well supported.  Good first step.  Since it spies less on you, actually quicker.   Should load on Windows and Apple.
Dissenter: Based on Brave.  Even more private.  Very snappy response.  I love it.  I know it works on Windows.
Vivaldi:  Newer.  Not as well supported.  Worth a try.  It does send information to home so they can track usage.  Doesn't identify you, but captures IP.
IceCat:  Linux, open source.  Have not tried.
Iridium: gets good marks for privacy.

any trusted source for emails?

clau clau:

--- Quote from: diaduit on January 22, 2021, 04:43:16 AM ---any trusted source for emails?

--- End quote ---

Proton mail is very good.  Easy to set up.

James, are you on MeWe?

No, I don't do social media.  In fact I've started ghosting more.  This time next year I'll likely be gone with no trace.  I've seen this in Venezuela.  I have no excuse.

Just downloaded the code to build a crypto wallet.  I'm going to create a little stash.


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