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not scaled down avatars


I am trying to upload an avatar so the detail of the picture is maintained. I tried different resolutions and sizes yet in all cases what I see on my rendered page is truly bad.

A bit of digging (running the browser in a dev mode) it seems that forum pull my profile picture differently as compared to established members e.g.;u=1084 vs;u=2235

Is there any way to get it fixed?

Did you get this fixed?

If need be, I can change your profile picture to what you want it to be, and it should come out right.  It might be a setting that I have disabled (I'm not sure I permit avatars to be uploaded by posters, due to the storage size on the server - keeps costs down). 

Feel free to PM me.

As a board user, I do have an option to upload an avatar. I think you should see it next to my posts. Only thing is the the resolution is degraded. I have not gotten this fixed. But this is not a big deal either.


--- Quote from: andy on January 21, 2021, 12:46:40 PM ---e.g.;u=1084 vs;u=2235
--- End quote ---

I believe the difference is, you've chosen "Upload an avatar", whereas christulsa seems to have chosen "Specify avatar by URL". My guess is, if you upload an avatar then the image's resolution automatically gets scaled down, probably to save on bandwidth or perhaps on server disk space.

If you want it to remain at full resolution, you'll probably need to upload it elsewhere and then use "Specify avatar by URL". (Not sure why you'd need it to be full resolution though... it's only ever going to be viewed small anyway.)


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