Beating Inflation in the UK : My positive experience with cash back sites.

Started by Greg, March 26, 2013, 07:50:55 AM

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This posting only applies to people living in the United Kingdom.  By all means, comment on other sites operating in US and discuss the merits of them but make it clear where the site operates so as to not waste people's time.

I'm generally a person who does not bother with store loyalty cards, clipping coupons and all that malarky.  Too much hassle, I leave that to my wife.

Airline loyalty points - I usually give away to someone who can be bothered with them and all the restrictions as to when you can fly.  So when I heard about this site a couple of years ago I was pretty cynical but decided to sign up, which is free, and try it as it did sound pretty easy.

As you can see below in the last year alone I have made nearly £1300 in cash just for buying the stuff I would have bought on line anyway.  All I needed to do for that money (which is tax free) was login at the loyalty site everytime I decided to buy something on line.  I buy flights, electronics, white goods, ebay stuff, consumables, hotel bookings, mobile phones, car insurance, home insurance etc.  I've even had kickbacks when I've switched my power and gas supplier and all sorts of other mundane stuff.  You won't spend as much as I do, because I am spending for business travel as well as personal, but breaking out the personal stuff it is still over $1000 dollars or around half of the money I got back in the last 12 months.  If you had $30k in savings in a bank you'd be doing very well at the moment to get  $1000 interest today after tax.

My recommendation.  If you buy stuff online, sign up for a free account and get into the habit of pausing when you are about to buy ANYTHING and checking the TopCashBack site first and then reentering the merchant site via their tracked link.  9 times out of 10, in my experience, they will offer something between 2% and 20% of the money you are about to spend as a kickback.  The merchants are basically paying the referral site for the sales lead and they are giving you a big chunk of that money as cash.  Transfering to your UK current account is dead easy, couple of clicks.  And cash is cash.  It isn't silly points or vouchers or some crap with all sort of restrictions on how and where you can spend it.  Just plain old fashioned money in your bank account.  I love it.

Only drawback, if you can call it that, is that you typically wait a month or two between spending on the item and getting the cash.  If you are UK based sign up at the link below.  I'll donate any referral fees I get to SuscipeDomine/

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