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The Coffee Pot / Re: To what are you currently listening?
« Last post by Padraig on Today at 02:14:41 PM »

From good ol' Canadian boy, Colter Wall.

Colter Wall is really good. My favorite from that album is Caroline:

"My bones do break
And my hands do shake
As I lie in the wake
Of time's cruel slaughter

But if I die before I wake
I'm gonna see my Caroline"

But my favorite of his is this version of "On the Lone Prairie"

Coffee and Donuts / Re: Hello again
« Last post by Xavier on Today at 02:07:03 PM »
Well, I haven't heard that before, CC. I'll check it out.

Regarding Garabandal, Melkor, the local Bishops have left it in a "non constat" or "not determined" status, which as we know means Catholics are free to either believe in it or not to; but St. Padre Pio, St. Mother Theresa, Cardinal Ottaviani and Pope John Paul II, among others, believed in it. "Albrecht cannot believe what he is seeing. Excitedly, he directs his gaze to the beginning of the text and he begins to read it with full attention, several times, from beginning to end. He is particularly struck by these lines:

“May God reward you for all your work, especially for the deep love with which you are making known the events related to Garabandal. May the message of the Mother of God be received in people’s hearts before it is too late. As an expression of joy and gratitude, the Holy Father wishes to impart his apostolic blessing to you.” From:

Among Traditional Catholic Bishops, Bp. Williamson believes in the Great Warning/Illumination of Conscience and wrote this in his "Eleison Comments" recently about it. God Bless.

Quote from: Bp. +Williamson
Almighty God is good, and plans to tell,
Once more, how to avoid our self-made Hell.

At the risk of laying before a number of readers a matter of which they are already well aware, let these “Comments” present the Warning of Garabandal, because of the high probability that that Warning is authentic, and that it is therefore going to affect every human being alive, whether they know it or not, whether they like it or not, with a decisive effect upon their eternal salvation or damnation. Firstly, a brief account of the events of Garabandal. Secondly, the reason why the Church authorities have not yet given to those events their official approval. And thirdly, why those events fit our present situation like a key fits a lock. The Warning is of such a nature that when it happens, readers could be complaining, “If you knew about this, how in Heaven’s Name could you never have told us about it?” So here it is –

Garabandal is a small village in the mountains of Northern Spain about one hour in a car south of the city of Santander, halfway across Spain from East to West. In this village between 1961 and 1965 Our Lady appeared some 2000 times to four mountain girls, who had little to no knowledge or experience of anything going on in world or Church outside their own village. This unprecedented number of apparitions alone suggests that they were of a special importance. They included two solemn Messages, from 1961 and 1965, and three major prophecies, of a great Warning, a great Miracle and a great Chastisement. One of the four original girls knows the exact date of the Miracle, and will make it public one week beforehand, otherwise the dates of these three events are unknown.

As described by the leader of the four girls, Conchita, from what Our Lady told her, The Warning will be an entirely supernatural event, coming directly from God, to fill consciences of all people alive with light to show them how their souls stand before God, with all their sins. Given the godless state of the world, the experience will be “felt like fire” for most people, but it will not last long. Some people will die of it, but not many, and everybody will be prepared by it to take notice of the great Miracle to follow. In fact the Warning will be a great mercy of God, because when normally souls learn of their standing before God at their Particular Judgment, following immediately on death, they have no further chance of changing that Judgment. On the contrary, after the Garabandal Warning, few will die and everyone else will be free to change their lives. This Warning makes sense in our world overwhelmed by confusion and lies, because it will be pure truth from God, consoling good people, and taking away all ignorance.

However, the Church authorities have still to give to the Garabandal apparitions of Our Lady their official approval because of the events’ timing and their content. Vatican II (1962–1965) was a gigantic betrayal of Truth, of the Faith, of the Catholic Church. Garabandal (1961–1965) was a gigantic affirmation of Catholic Truth, of the Faith, of the Church. In Her first solemn Message, of 1961, Our Lady warned that “the cup is filling up.” In Her longer solemn Message of 1965, She said amongst other things that “the cup is flowing over,” and that “Many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the road to perdition, and they are taking many souls with them.” Could there be a more accurate summary of what was happening at Vatican II? But one can understand that the clergy did not like what She was saying! She was taking 2000 apparitions to warn Church and world that the clergy’s Vatican II was a huge mistake.

Finally, Garabandal fits our modern world like a key fits a lock. Respecting the churchmen’s free-will, Almighty God allows them to go horribly wrong as the end of the world approaches. But the shepherds’ going astray generates huge confusion among the sheep, Catholic and non-catholic alike. To all of them He offers an extraordinary event, freeing them from all confusion, before they have to answer at death for how they will have spent their lives. What a grace! And it will be confirmed by the great Miracle, due to take place in Garabandal itself, and exceeding the miracle of the sun spinning, in 1917, at Fatima.
Kyrie eleison.

P.S.: And Greg. Not willing to put a specific date and number on your recession prediction? C'mon, don't be shy! tell us how much percentage GDP decline you expect (definition of a recession), in which countries, for how long, and by when? Lol.

Edit: And how much you're willing to bet as well. I'm not generally a betting man, but I'll bet 100 GBP=10000 INR (roughly).

God Bless.
Coffee and Donuts / Re: Hello again
« Last post by clau clau on Today at 01:42:31 PM »
That's horseshit Xavier.  Christine Watkins claims other Catholic visionaries mention and illumination of conscience by Clau Clau went to the original sources and it turned out she was lying.

Waste of time reading a book if she makes up references.

Just to re-iterate.  I searched the book that Christine Watkins is referring to relating to Anna Maria Taigi.  The book is: Wife, Mother and Mystic: (Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi). There is simply no-mention of the illumination of conscience in that book. I did a text search on the whole book for every instance of: conscience, illumination etc.  it is simply not there.

Meanwhile there are 100s of quotes on the internet claiming this is the case.  Not one of them checked the original source!
Coffee and Donuts / Re: Hello again
« Last post by awkward customer on Today at 01:41:51 PM »
Paul Ormerod’s final dictum: “We may intend to achieve a particular outcome, but the complexity of the world, even in apparently simple situations, appears to be so great that it is not within our power to ordain the future.”

The NWO plan would be nearly impossible IF they were competent and had backbone.

You're quite right, which is why they need the Antichrist to implement the plan, as you suggested earlier.

Meanwhile, listen out for the sound of galloping hooves .....
I watched Bp. Williamson's interview this morning with Mike, of Restoring the Faith.   :cheeseheadbeer:
General News and Discussion / Re: Trump's Home Raided by FBI Stasi
« Last post by james03 on Today at 01:08:14 PM »
Apart from me, Donald Trump and James O'Keefe who else on this forum has been raided by armed FBI agents?

Don't throw a bone and not let us bite on it.

Why were you raided by the FBI?  OKC?
Coffee and Donuts / Re: Hello again
« Last post by Greg on Today at 01:01:06 PM »
Paul Ormerod’s final dictum: “We may intend to achieve a particular outcome, but the complexity of the world, even in apparently simple situations, appears to be so great that it is not within our power to ordain the future.”

The NWO plan would be nearly impossible IF they were competent and had backbone.

General News and Discussion / Re: Trump's Home Raided by FBI Stasi
« Last post by Maximilian on Today at 12:49:01 PM »
Randy Engel wrote a piece recently showing how prominent bishops betrayed the pro-life movement from the outset.

Thanks for posting this link. Excellent, well-researched article, worth reading.
General News and Discussion / Re: Russia Invades Ukraine
« Last post by james03 on Today at 12:27:35 PM »
a long, long way away from their three-day so-called special operation.

Three days are now over 150 days and nearly six months in, with huge significant losses of both equipment and indeed Russian personnel.

Projection is really incredible.  The only mention of "3 days" was with regards to Russia running out of cruise missiles.  Months ago Russia said it does not have a time table.  And they never said that the SMO will only last 3 days.

with huge significant losses of both equipment and indeed Russian personnel.

Anyone talking about "Russian" losses, and does not distinguish between Russia, LPR, and DPR is a fraud.  The LPR and DPR don't care.  They just want to kill Ruthenians after all the terror shelling.

The article makes no mention of the complete liberation of Lugansk Oblast.
The Coffee Pot / Re: Catholic Memes
« Last post by maryslittlegarden on Today at 12:05:16 PM »
After rummaging through Melania's wardrobe during the Mar-A-Lago attack, it is now easier to spot Fed plants:

Otherwise captioned as "Who wore it better?"
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