"The book of pastoral rule" - St Gregory the Great

Started by Uriel, August 01, 2022, 11:36:15 PM

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Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

After completely finishing the reading of the Bible (the Bible in a year - Ascension podcast), I have been interested in how God's Word has been inspired through out the two millenniums. I am interested to see how the Canon of Scripture has been complemented by the works of our most important theologians.

Therefore I have started a journey to read the works of the Doctors of the Church.

I have completed a review of the pinnacle work of St Gregory the Great (the first Doctor of the Church) being "The book of Pastoral Rule".

St Gregory lived to be 64 (540 to 604 AD) and completed this work in 594. At this time St Gregory was the 64th Bishop of Rome (Pontiff).

The work is a treatise on the duties and obligations of the clergy and how they address their congregations. It is considered the best work of its kind, in the early patristic era.

The work is divided into 4 parts, being:

1. An assessment of what particular person is suitable for the episcopal office.

2. This part considers what person is suitable for the office of preaching and the role of a pastor.

3. The biggest part of the work, this part consists of 36 admonitions (warnings to the faithful) and how to preach specifically to those people (for example those who suffer from pride, lust, avarice etc.)

4. This brief part explains how the preacher is to take care in office and how important this office is.

Attached is a PDF containing my full in depth review of the work (consisting of 6 pages).

I hope that my review of this work will entice you all to pick up a copy of the work, and expand your knowledge of the pastoral office.

God Bless,