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Hi from Philadelphia

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What brings you to SD? Looking to make some traditional Catholic friends outside of my home area. My fiancťe and I arenít sure yet if weíre going to stay in PA or move to a state thatís more friendly to our beliefs and lifestyle. Itíd be nice to have some acquaintances all over the country so we wouldnít necessarily be going somewhere we know no one if we decide to move far away from our families.

Are you a member of other Internet fora?  Not since I was a kid, long before I became devout in college. It wasnít a great use of my time. Even now Iím usually too busy to invest significant time in a community like this, but my fiancťe and I want to be as active as we can here because we need to step out of our introverted comfort zones for the good of our family.

Why did you choose your username and avatar? Our names and her engagement ring

What is your state of life? Engaged to be married in our FSSP parish September 4

Whereabouts do you live "in real life"? (be as specific or as general as you wish!) Suburban Philadelphia

Personality type? Weíre both introverted. We both have Aspergerís. She has very few close friends, in part because itís only been 3 years since she became Catholic, and she only got into the TLM right before we met. In fact, she went to her very first TLM the Sunday before we met. We found each otherís Catholic Match profiles and started talking within a day of when she checked the TLM box on her profile. As for me, I have a decent-sized circle of friends from throughout the 10 years since I converted from lukewarm to devout, but Iím not super close to most of them.

Favorite books/movies/TV? Most literature, movies and other works of art have always gone over my head. Iíve never had an intellectual gift for appreciating art of any kind. I tend to enjoy spiritual and political reading more than anything fiction. Because I spend so much time driving as a trucker, I mostly listen to podcasts rather than read. Timothy Gordon and Taylor Marshall are my main traditional podcasts. I also listen to Relevant Radio and Catholic Answers (including The Counsel of Trent and Jimmy Akinís Mysterious World) for more mainstream Catholic talk, Jen Fulwiler and Lino Rulli for Catholic comic relief, Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles for political commentary, and a few others.

Favorite sports/teams? I grew up rooting for the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers. Sports fandom was a matter of idolatry for me as a teenager. Iíve paid less and less attention to my teams as Iíve grown in my faith, and now that their leagues have all gone woke, itís easier than ever to pay no attention at all.

Have any hobbies? If trucking wasnít my job, Iíd call long road trips a hobby. Beyond that, mainly just spending time outdoors. Iíve been quite a cheapskate my whole adult life, so itís hard to imagine getting into any hobby thatís even somewhat expensive. I guess I like singing too. Iíd be in my parish choir if my work schedule allowed me to make the rehearsals.

Pet peeves: Slow drivers

Fun random fact about yourself: I can recite the names of every county in all 50 states. As a trucker, Iíve visited or driven through more than a third of them.

Welcome to you and your soon to be wife.

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