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Anyone here into World of Tanks?

Stu Cool:
I like it.  Don't have too much time to play as I am in graduate school right now.  I play it on Xbox One.  It's frustrating because it takes so long to get to a tank that I want (Tiger) and then it still sucks right away because you need to upgrade it.

Yeah, it can be a bit addictive.  And the grind can be annoying, but the game wasn't meant to be played quick, finished, and on to the next either.  I'm grinding up to the KV-1 now myself.  Otherwise, you drive a tank and blow up other tanks, what can be more fun.  I don't know if you can find the same players as on computer, but I'm TheSilverLion.  I even have the emblem on my Czech tank; most of my ethnicity is Czech so its kinda fun to drive it  ;)

Stu Cool:
I don't believe the two mediums can cross.


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