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Re: Anglican orders
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Not an Eastern Form:
D. Not an Eastern Form.
We began this section with a question: Was the new form employed in a Catholic Eastern Rite as the sacramental form for conferring the episcopacy? The answer is no, because:
• The Paul VI form is not identical to the Eastern
Rite forms.
• In particular, the lengthy Eastern Rite formsmention either perfecting the priesthood or specific sacramental powers proper to a bishop alone (ordaining priests, etc.). The Paul VI form does not.
• In the Maronite and Syrian Rites, the prayer that most closely resembles the Paul VI consecration preface is not the sacramental form for conferring the episcopacy, but a non-sacramental prayer for installing a Patriarch, who is usually already a bishop when he is
So, one cannot argue that the Paul VI form is valid because it is in use as a sacramental form “in two certainly valid Eastern Rites.” It is not among the words “accepted and used by
the Church in that sense,” and there is no guarantee of validity on this basis.

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