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How do we post tiktoks to SD?


The forum software was set up before tiktok was released, possibly even before it was thought of.   We have icons for Youtube, vimeo, and imgur, but nothing dedicate to tiktok.

Is there a work around for posters to use?  Is there a way to adjust the forum software?

There are some good TikTokers but honestly it's IQ sapping, and the web interface seems oddly limited, at least with the Brave browser. Still, if the Leader can add more features, why not?

Wouldn't a simple hyperlink do the job? It won't embed the video, but if people want to see it they could just click the link. Honestly, I don't see even a need for the YouTube, Vimeo, and Imgur tags that we already have. Does anyone here actually use them?

(Though I have noticed that this message board automatically converts Youtube URLs to embedded videos, which I guess is a nice albeit unnecessary feature.)


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