Good Reading List To Learn Traditional Theology

Started by tradne4163, September 01, 2013, 09:50:02 PM

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One of the best books I found especially early on was simply a good Catholic Dictionary.  Fr. Hardon's Pocket Dictionary is great for quick reading, just snooping around and seeing what you can learn.  You might look up one word and then be curious about another one on the same page or so.  There are a couple of quibble's I have with Fr. Hardon nowadays but all in all it's a good book to use.
It was first published in 1985 and Hardon is a Jesuit. I wouldn't use that as toilet paper.

Well, if those are your "reasons," you're an idiot and I would doubt your ability to properly use toilet paper.  Seriously, what smug, vacuous and inane criteria.

I have Fr Hardon's dictionary. It is obviously cognisant of V2 in this or that entry, but I found nothing but straightforward and helpful definitions. Mine is a softback that unaccountably is very fragile at the spine, unlike, say, s copy of Profiles in Courage, which has no issue save discolouration. Maybe bad glue, maybe one was used more than the other. I therefore take care in using it.  Good, helpful, clear. I cannot claim any great knowledge, so it has helped me.
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