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Good Evening.

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Hello. I am a Traditional Catholic from the state of Illinois, but I’m originally from Mississippi.
Now, for the questionnaire:

What brings you to SD? A desire to chat with other Catholics online.
Are you a member of other Internet fora?  If so, care to mention which one(s)? Not yet.
Why did you choose your username and avatar? My username comes from my Fallout: New Vegas character. My profile picture comes from my Skyrim character. It’s an image of a Byzantine, Varangian Guardsman.
What is your state of life - single, married, religious, or still discerning? Married with children.
Whereabouts do you live "in real life"? (be as specific or as general as you wish!) Rural Illinois.
Personality type? Empathetic, Introspective.
Favorite books? “Shogun” by James Clavell, most history books and historical fiction. 
Favorite movies? I like historical epics. Also East Asian gun ballet films. I like horror also, though less so as I get older. 
Favorite TV shows? Anime, like “Blood C.,” and “Demon Slayer. I like Hololive also. I like historical documentaries, and history related shows like “Forged in Fire.”
Favorite sports/teams. Sportsball is not a big interest. I like the Red Sox, and in football, the Dolphins. I like M.M.A. more. I supported Georges St. Pierre for a while, before he retired.
Have any hobbies? Piano and Guitar. Video Games. Weightlifting. Mace Workouts.
Pet peeves: People who smack. False History. People who are completely closed off to the truth.
Fun random fact about yourself: I am effectively disabled, due to a genetic disease (not “fun,” but it’s a fact about me).   

Welcome to the forum.

red solo cup:

Kin yoou fine grits ep dar?

I’m your Yankee neighbor to the east. Welcome.

Michael Wilson:
Welcome to the Forum! I hope you like it here; I'm terribly sorry about your disability.


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