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Beware of independent "priests" that are unable/unwilling to provide credentials

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I recently found out that a "priest" who puts on a "TLM" in San Francisco might not have any priestly credentials. He refuses to provide basic information about his ordination. Unfortunately I have been to his "Masses".

I have also communicated with trads in Orange County, California who say that there are multiple independents down there that LARPers.

Scary stuff when you consider that people are getting invalid Sacraments.

That is scary.  How easily we can be fooled.  :pray3:

Priests who are not priests, LARPers who endanger souls, or those who can no longer present as priests, say priests who were defrocked with good reason (say moral depravity towards the young) operating as independent priests has been an issue since the start of this present post V2 horror show. The latter would be a more recent thing, for one very good thing of Benedict was a procedure to remove perv priests, something Francis has repeatedly interfered with, like Inzoli who Francis restored on the petition of the sodomite Coccopalmiero.

"Wandering priests" have been a problem for most of church history. The early ecumenical councils stipulate that men presenting themselves as priests are not to be permitted to celebrate without letters commendatory from their own bishop and the permission of the local bishop. In the Roman Church, this takes the form of the "celebret," a letter which establishes the priest's ordination and declares the priest's freedom from censure. All the ancient churches have something similar.

Any priest who will not or cannot provide credentials should not only be treated with suspicion—he should be regarded as not actually a priest.

clau clau:
How does a priest provide credentials?  Is that like a driving license of something?

edit: sorry: did not read the above properly.  It seems a Celebret is the answer.


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