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This image was posted online and there has been a lot of analysis of where it is supposed to be and what is happening it and who that is in the foreground.

Go to that link and then click on the image to get a bigger version.  To get an even bigger version, right click on it and choose "view image" or "open image in a new tab" or whatever your browser gives you for a choice.

Any thoughts from all the Middle-earth readers out there?

Looks amazing. I think that is Sauron (in his deceptively fair image) in the foreground.

Yeah, I decided months ago that I would not watch. The series was only approved after Christopher Tolkien died.
Think of it as free-form Tolkienesque fantasy, with a cast that resembles that mandatory WOKE distribution of cookie-cutter racial disbursement.

You can't catch lightening in a bottle twice.

I'm not entirely sure of the setting for the series. I have heard both that it is set in the Second Age and in the Third. Akallabęth strikes nearest my heart (as is natural, I think, for any of our race), so the former is preferable to my mind.

But I am with Santantonio. I have little hope that the writers will restrain themselves and keep faithfully to the canon (if it is even possible to come to consensus about what constitutes the canon). I am convinced that whatever it will be, Tolkien would have hated it.

EDIT: Looking at the image more closely, is that Laurelin and Telperion? If so, it must be set in the Years of the Trees. I wonder if it's a depiction of Tirion?


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