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Rebel Hearts (2021)
"A look at Los Angeles's Sisters of the Immaculate Heart, nuns who challenged the patriarchal conventions of the Catholic Church 50 years ago and are still taking a stand today."
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Cdl. Francis McIntyre, Los Angeles bishop 1948-1970, was part of the Cśtus Internationalis Patrum. He supported Latin and thought vernacular would lead to a change in doctrine, lex orandi, lex credendi (Mattei 2013, pt. 3 ch. 8 b. "The question about Latin").

Immaculate Heart reminds me of the rebellious, unenclosed women that Innocent III commissioned St. Dominic to reform in the S. Sisto Vecchio convent in Rome. (Mother Drane, O.P., ch. 14)

Mary Corita, I.H.M., reminds me of the San Franciscan Beatnik lay Dominican brother Br. Antoninus Everson, who became Modernist and left the order, but for a reason you wouldn't expect (Thompson, O.P., ch. 6, §"The Turmoil Of The Sixties"):

--- Quote ---One of the reasons I had been dissatisfied with the Order was Vatican II’s emphasis on Orders shifting over from the contemplative to social action. This meant that monasteries were being penetrated with a different spirit.
--- End quote ---

One Modernist nun in Rebel Hearts said: "The proposal of marriage and so forth did not appeal to me that much." That's not a healthy attitude; these are healthy:
a Benedictine on her vocation (A Seal Upon My Heart: Autobiographies of Twenty Sisters, pp. 119,22, PDF pp. 137,40):

--- Quote ---Much as marriage appealed to me, much as I enjoyed the company of boys, I knew I didn’t really love the fellows who had ring ideas. … For a while I thought a husband was the answer. God would bless a wife who chose to do her husband’s will.
--- End quote ---
a Sister of Mercy on her vocation (p. 85, PDF p. 103):

--- Quote ---Sometimes I considered marriage and a family. But these intervals were short. In hours of prayer and quiet reflection my big discovery would rush in upon me and overwhelm me. To be a sister was to be a bride of Jesus, to exchange nuptial vows with Him, to enjoy His special affection in this world, and to follow Him in heaven with a song that only virgins sing. [cf. Apoc. 14:3-4]
--- End quote ---

About 80 min. into Rebel Hearts, the ex-nuns discuss how they coped financially after the lifting of their vows. Not very well! The futility of anti-patriarchy matriarchy.

Have you read Ungodly Rage by Donna Steitchen?
 I remember that time I had to duck behind an SUV for a minute, in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere,
and there she was, an elderly, holy sister in her habit.  It was overwhelming, the ache of loss, having not seen one for how many years.

Michael Wilson:
So sad; so many lost vocations and souls; thrown away for a bit of dust.


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