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Memento Mori Rosaries


I finished two Memento Mori rosaries with:

* Bone skull beads
* Adam's Skull crucifix (large!)
* Ecce Homo centre
They are both identical in design, and any difference between them would be apparent only to me. The images are taken with a flash and may be overexposed in some areas.

These are large rosaries, and the crucifixes are larger than the other such rosaries I have shared.

To any location within the USA, I am asking for $120 total for one. Together or with others will be more economical.

I usually use PayPal and can ship same or next business day. I also have my website and my email is on that should you want a more reliable method to contact me off forum.

The smaller crucifixes came in, and they can be put on. I cannot edit posts this old, so I am looking for another way to list things.

I can be contacted by email or on my website for these or any rosaries I make. It is difficult to use PMs here. It gets very confusing after I have more than one going.

They are both altered and look like the attached image.

There are two of them.

Since they are made already, you can send a private message here, but I would prefer an email (on my profile or you can find it on my site).

$120 each total for US shipping. It is economical to get more than one thing in the box, so if you want one, please see if any others I have listed appeal. It would be less than adding the stated prices together.


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