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I came across the advice that German learners at my stage should practice by watching American/English sitcoms translated into German.  Supposedly the level of language and predictability are suitable.  It gave the example of "Friends" which just isn't something I find bearable to watch.  In general, I do not like the sitcom genre and I often find the underlying assumptions to be opposed to Catholicism.

Does anyone have any suggestions for sitcoms likely to be available in German and not offensive to Catholics?  (Something I actually find funny would be nice too, but may be too much to hope for.)

Go old style.

Yes Minister
The Good Life
To the Manor born

Was ist dein Niveau? Ich empfehle Cartoons.



--- Quote from: diaduit on June 26, 2021, 10:06:40 AM ---Go old style.

Yes Minister
The Good Life
To the Manor born

--- End quote ---

When I was young, there was a lot more British influence on Canadian culture than now and CBC imported a lot of BBC content.  My tastes very well may run more towards British than American, so looking there makes sense.


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