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Rosary, Wood Skull Bead, Pardon Crucifix


I have just completed this Memento Mori rosary, which is unique as I never made one like this before, using:

* Wood skull beads
* Pardon Crucifix
* Ecce Homo Center
Unlike most of my photos, I feel these represent it well. It is lighter than my usual designs, which use stone or bone beads. The first picture is under a strong light from the flash: the beads are dark brown as shown in the second image. It is more discrete than bone beads in my opinion.

To any location within the USA, I am asking for $50 total. This is not a market value for any future reference.

I usually use PayPal and can ship same or next business day. Please send a PM for the fastest response time.

This is still available, but email or my website are the best ways to contact me. PMs are difficult to use when I have more than one inquiry active, especially for more custom work.


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