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Age of Empires II anyone?

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Anyone play AoE II DE? Interested in playing with you if you do. I am probably way too good for you though (totally kidding lol).  It being Lent and all we can arrange something for the weekend if you would like.

The Curt Jester:
As I said before, I have it, but not the DE edition.  I'm not playing any computer games during Lent, however (even on Sundays).  Just too much of a time sink, so I have to get away from it for a time.  I'm assuming DE is not backward compatible with the original, is it?

Yes, unfortunately it is not compatible.

I'd love to play except that I don't own it either :(

(I probably wouldn't be very good at it anyway though, at least not at first... I've only ever played the game once in my life, at a LAN party, and that was over a decade ago. I recall it was fun though.)

It is really fun if you are into rts games or like anything medieval. When I bought the game it was on sale on Steam for 10 bucks. If you do decide to get it let me know😃


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