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Get a job doing this and you will get rich. I've seen it.

A lot of horse psychics do readings over the phone. You have the owner put the phone up to the horse so you can catch its vibes or something.
Then you relay to the owner what you think the horse's vibes were telling you. For the convenience of the horse owner the psychics usually accept credit cards over the phone. No need to write a check. I'd be doing this myself but am a little too scrupulous. There was a guy in my area that got accused of mistreating a horse by an in person psychic and not only lost his job, but was unable to find any kind of work nearby within the tight-nit horse community. There are stupid rich people out there that take this kind of crap seriously and will pay big money to hear what they want to be told abut their rude horses.
You probably want to consider being a horse-psychic under some kind of alias should you choose to give this a shot.  :thumbsup:

The Curt Jester:
I'm thinking Mr. Ed may be the only one who would qualify.  Most horses don't speak English.


--- Quote from: The Curt Jester on October 19, 2020, 11:15:55 PM ---I'm thinking Mr. Ed may be the only one who would qualify.  Most horses don't speak English.

--- End quote ---

Nah man, the more money you spend on a horse the more mystical it becomes and with enough money communication eventually takes place telepathically. That's how you know what sheets your horse prefers and if he is okay with other horses wearing them or not.

red solo cup:
This gal meets her horses in a world of energy. Who knew.

Most of these people think horses are ultra spiritual gurus that have many lessons to teach us sinful humans. No kidding.

If these rich people were smart they'd save some money and just ask the horse's groom what the animal is "saying". Any groom can read a horse's body language.


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