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The link for the Chat at the top of the page leads to a page where a chat session will load. You can choose a name, or use the one provided (based on your forum name), and chat away on most devices without any plugins or extensions.

However, the chat is much better than that, and for those interested, here are some tips and FAQs and their answers.

Why is my name...whatever it is?

The name is automatically filled in using a very simple algorithm: it is your forum name plus "sd". If your forum name, such as my own (Pæniteo), contains the dreaded forbidden characters, you get a random enough name.

How do I change my name?

If you do not enter another name when entering the chat, you can change your name with an IRC command. To change your name to "Nemo", type the following command in the chat:

/nick Nemo

If this name is registered by another (or you), you will be notified (not necessarily in the tab you entered the command), and you should change it again. You can change your name like this at any time.

How do I register my name?

To associate your name with a password and an email address, you can follow the instructions here:

What is "tab completion"?

This is a very important tip: this chat allows you to automatically type names by typing the first characters (from one to all but the last) of a name and then pressing "tab". This is better than using nicknames aside from the channel names, as when a users name is used, that stands out to that person. So, do not type "kk", but type "k" and then press tab to reference Kaesekopf.

How does the chat work?

It is a Mibbit IRC channel. It is not part of the forum. The forum interface is only one (convenient) way to connect to it. You can use any IRC client. Web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox have extensions for using IRC through the browser, and Opera has an IRC client built in. The forum's modification does not have all the IRC features, such as timestamps next to every line.

How private is it?
Channels can be logged, however, only the admin has access to those logs. One gets a list of people in the channel who can see what is going on. Normally, people do not see what occurred before they entered. You do not need a forum account to use the channel. More private chats can be done through personal chat sessions.

Does it support any video chat?

No. IRC is text only.

Does it cost anything?

Chatting, registering, and the forum modification have no charge.

Thank you for writing this up!


--- Quote from: Kaesekopf on February 08, 2013, 09:48:34 AM ---Thank you for writing this up!

--- End quote ---

It can be copied and added to as needed, if you want to add it to a sticky (or sticky it).

If anybody has any questions, or if I see questions frequently asked, I will add them.


I added a picture of the PM function.  It is pretty cool. 

I've noticed some people haven't quite noticed it's use in the IRC channel, so I thought it instructive to post here.  :)


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